The Iceman

Image of an ice delivery driver with frostbite on the brain.
Ice Delivery Driver
My name is Graham and I am the author of the Talking to ice blog.  I created the character Ernie Iceman after I discovered there was a water company in Vancouver that had taken some of the Columbia Ice vanity URLs.  An example of a vanity URL to give you an idea of what I am refering to would be  We lucked out in getting the Facebook vanity.  When it came to twitter and other social networks we were not always so lucky.  Needing a definable website address I decided to to create Ernie Iceman.  It was a way to make Columbia Ice more social and also gave us a brand to use across multiple social networks.

One of my pet peeves is a talking logo.  The LEAST social thing about a business is it's logo.  When I see a logo trying to interact with me on twitter I want to ask where the heck is the logos mouth.  It is just commonsense which sadly many businesses don't have.  People love people.  It is our shared geographical and social characteristics which allow people to connect to people.  

With Ernie Iceman I wanted to create a brand that would represent the owner and then the emoployees which is why you don't see my name.  Iceman is what people commonly refer to the person who delivers the ice.  "It is the iceman." is the common phrase clients utter when they see me.  the good thing about the phrase "The Iceman" is it is ambiguous, meaning if I were to leave the company or the ice delivery truck runs into a moose, ending my reign of terror in Edmonton, someone else would become the Iceman.  Ernie, the owner is most likely going to stay at the company he owns for a long period of time whereas employees tend to be more transient.  

What makes Talking to ice a little different is I try to add a little humor, emotion and include stories that really are not about ice or even our industry.  Most of the stuff is about ice but upon occasion I go off the board and talk about something relating to Edmonton, Alberta or Canada as a whole.  I do this because I don't enjoy most business blogs.  They are boring and about only crap people who work at the company care about.  I remember this software company a person I knew worked at.  They would blog about bugs in their software.  You had to be a computer programmer to understand what they were talking about. Their blog didn't do anything to enhance the products they offered, instead it put people to sleep.  

If you have any questions or I say something way out there, please by all means drop me a line.  I love to hear from you.  Put in the subject like it is for the "The Iceman."  I will get it.

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