image of Ernie the owner of Columbia Ice getting into the ice truck.
Ernie Graveline
Born somewhere in Manitoba, around a place known as the Pas, Ernie grew up a farm boy and then progressed to hard labour jobs such as lumber yard, bush work, etc.  Tired of working for the man and an entrepreneur at heart Ernie moved on to owning and running a pizza joint and a few fast food restaurants before being seduced by the aromatic of office coffee.  Contrary not everyone in Canada go to Tim Hortons for their java.  Some Albertan companies hire a coffee service like Ernie's to keep the coffee full and people caffeinated.  I would like to say this is where Ernie made his fortune however fortune is a relative term and is making enough money to buy an ice company having a fortune?  When I say ice company I don't mean some massive international brand that serves millions of customer big and small bags of ice.  I mean Columbia Ice which was an ice company run as an extension of a liquor distribution company.

After purchasing the ice company Ernie's first move was to hire the Iceman which may or may not have been a wise idea.  His second move was to build a bigger ice plant.  With Polar Ice locked into its grocery contracts and Arctic dealing with a whole array of issues it was time for a new ice distributor to enter the Edmonton and larger Alberta market.  I say new even though the company was founded in 2002 because from a public perception in Edmonton, Columbia Ice didn't exist.  Before Ernie and the Iceman Columbia Ice had very little online presence so if you didn't search for it in the book, you likely would of never found it. Thanks to a nerd turned ice delivery driver, the Iceman, Columbia Ice is plastered all over the web.

Although the future is unknown, ice in Alberta will be in high demand for years to come.  Through hard work, quality of service and lots of brainwashing Ernie and Columbia Ice plan on serving bags of ice to Edmonton and surrounding area.

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