Thursday, August 2, 2018

Stop blaming Faceook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media platforms for people being stupid.

I am tired of people blaming the social media platforms we use for the stupidity of mankind.

If you read a story on facebook, take it as gospel, go out and kill someone you are an idiot! Please do not have children and pass on your idiot DNA.  Everyday you read some story about how people are acting in stupid ways because of stuff they read online.  I am baffled by this because only an idiot who sits in front of a computer, never going out would believe the world around them can be accurately portrayed on social media and news sites/aggregates.   Only an idiot would read a story on facebook and assume because it is on facebook it must be true.

Get off the internet, go outside, talk to people, travel, see the world and you will realize it is not as it seems on the TV, the newspaper, social media, etc.  What we get for news is the worst of man kind.  The extremes, the scandals, the horrors and occasionally the great successes.   The thing is most of the world never falls in the extreme.  Most of us in this world are pretty boring people.  We all want the same things, act generally the same, get up, go to a job, eat,  go home and we are lucky there is someone or a dog to love us.  It is folly to define the boring 99% by the extreme 1% yet that is exactly what so many of us do.

The stereotypes of racism for example are born in watching the extremes and never talking to people of the race you use stereotypes to define as all people, regardless of race, sex, religion are generally the same.  We want the same crap in life.   Things racists never learn because they don't interact enough with those of the race they are racist against. 

I had a lady all depressed today at the world.  She felt like the world wasn't a good place. I felt like saying travel, go to places with far less than we have in Canada and you will see how wonderful this life in Canada really is.  If you have a home, a place that is yours, food, can afford Netflix don't complain about your life because you are living in paradise.  The only reason you don't know it is wonderful is because we obsess about what we don't have in life never really appreciating what we do have.  The grass is always greener on the next person's lawn. 

Thank you for letting me vent.

Master Iceman


  1. You’re completely right! But when it comes to children and teenagers they cannot perceive information there adequately. Should I mention cyberbullying on social media? In order to prevent my children from danger in Internet I use this app In this way I spy calls, messages and web activity of my kids. What do you think about it?