Thursday, June 14, 2018

New employee costs truck rental company in Edmonton business.

In peak season we usually rent a reefer truck for the summer.  We have had pretty good success using company x. I don’t like to use real names in my stories as I am not out to trash anyone.  Pretty good success until company x hired new employees. Bob the generic name I use for new employee name the first time he took me to a truck tried to tell me the gauge was the issue, the truck was actually full of fuel.  I took one look in tanks and new the guy didn’t know what he was talking about even though he was trying to sound like he did.

Strike one.

A few weeks later I book a truck for pick up Monday afternoon.  I go in to get truck. Do the paperwork and we end up walking around the parking lot until Bob finds the truck in the shop getting repaired.  Bob says come in the next morning at 630 am. He will have the truck for them then. I tell him I “probably” won’t be there till 7 am. He says ok but if I do come early to look for him out in the yard.   I call a cab which company A pays for. Waste more time going back to the factory without a truck.

The next morning I can’t sleep, am up early and head for company A for 630 am.  We have a delivery out of town and I need that truck loaded, on the road for 8 am.  I get to company A, find Bob in the yard, and he says he needs to know if the truck is ready.  This is when I am starting to feel agitated. You tell me to come at 630 am and you don’t know if the truck is ready???  If it is me, I screwed up, told a customer that I had a truck and didn’t have truck the night before, I would know the night before I left if the truck was going to be ready at 630 am.  The fact this is a facebook post tells you that the truck wasn’t ready. Bob didn’t bother to say to the mechanics to tell him before they go home the night before if the truck is ready.  Bob didn’t communicate with the mechanics about need to have truck ready for 630 am. Bob just made bs promises he couldn’t keep. Needless to say I said screw this when Bob came back to tell me the truck wasn’t ready.  I walked out. Cursed in the parking lot. Hopped in my SUV, called and made adjustments. Bob called me 30 minutes later saying the truck was ready but by then I had changed everything. It was too late.

Strike two.

The thing about me is I feel bad after I get angry.  I realize Bob is new and he is going to make mistakes.  I like company A and have always had success with them. A single moment in time doesn’t define a company.  I wrote an email after telling Bob I was sorry for getting angry. I explained that I felt like he should of communicated with the mechanics about the commitment he made for that truck to make sure they either stayed late or came in early to get the truck on the road for me at 630 am.   If the truck wasn’t going to be ready then I should of been contacted either the night before or early that morning. You tell someone to come in for 630 am you better have a truck. Bob’s response was no problem, he was just caught in the crossfire. That response bothered me because he took no responsibility for his actions, acting like he was an innocent in this all.  Caught in the crossfire he created by not communicating with his technicians and making promises he couldn’t back up.

Strike three.

Today I emailed another truck rental company.  I am not saying I will stop using company A but I am going to look into renting from other trucking companies.  My sergeant in bootcamp said that in life when you screw up, take responsibility for it. It is clear to me that company A has a pass the buck attitude, blaming techs for rental department writing cheques they can’t cash.  If renting from company A is making me cuss in a parking lot them company A don’t want my business.

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