Saturday, October 14, 2017

This is torture, Oilers get embarrassed by Senators

Nothing cleans the ears of an athlete out like losing.  A good playoff performance, Vegas odds makers saying Stanley Cup favorites and a good old fashion ass stomping of the hated Calgary Flames on opening night made the Oilers as deaf as an iceman working next to ice makers in the middle of the busy season.  When I say deaf I mean to what the coach is preaching.  Hard work, making the right plays, paying the price needed to win.  Losing to Canucks and Jets, back to back, better than Chinese candles to clearing up all that positive press clippings buzz getting in the way of what McLellan, the Oilers coach must of been preaching about how hard winning is... in theory that is... 

5 Observations in Oilers loss to the Ottawa Senators 

1.  Maroon Mr Invisible,  needs to get into a fight since he isn't scoring.  Like I always say, when notating else is working reach out and punch someone.  At least if he fights he can do something with the hands that seem to have lost the magic they had the year before.  I love Big Rig but whatever scoring touch he had last year is gone.  It is time for him to get off McDavid's line and have to earn his way back on it.  

2.  Do the Oilers have any shooters?  None of the defense have a shot that keeps goalies up at night which is a problem considering opposing teams just collapse down to handle the cycle down low.  The Oilers d could take a 100 shots and not score once.  None of the forwards or centers minus Draisailt who was out against the Senators have a shot of note.  They get the puck, gather for a wrist shot giving the goalie time to adjust and get ready.  Oilers have lots of greater passers but no shooters.  

3.  Talbot is not making the big save.  If opposing teams get a good look on Talbot they score.  He isn't in the zone, looks depressed in the net.  Someone needs to get him a shrink or a detective to find his confidence.  It has gone missing.

4.  I bet Darnell Nurse can bench press a lot.  He seems to bench press opposing players into the boards with reckless abandon.  If only he had a shot.  His offensive skillset is brutal.  Just brutal. 

5.  Yamamoto looks like an NHL player.  The passivity I saw in the first two games has disappeared where it looks like he is just learning to play hockey.  It don't matter if it is in the WHL or NHL, the game is still the same.  Get your nose dirty, go hard to the net and don't be afraid to fail.  I'd like to see him find some open spots in the slot to get a good shot.  Still think he would do with another year in Junior but there is a player there.  

Pretty depressing game for an Oilers addict like myself.  What did you see?  Wife said watching the game was torture. I had to turn it off at 6-0.  Wife begged me to stop watching it.  

Master Iceman

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