Monday, October 9, 2017

Oilers play cute and lose to Winnipeg Jets.

Khaira is one of my favorite players when he doesn't don the cloak of invisibility.  He is the type of player that needs to reach out and hit or punch someone regularly.  In Vancouver you could of put him on a milk carton as he was missing in action which is why against a big bruising team like Winnipeg he is not playing.  Here is hoping Khaira learns to bring the ice soon!

5 observations in Edmonton Oilers 5-2 loss to Winnipeg Jets

1.  Cute hockey scores goals but does not win hockey games.  Sure McDavid swooping in like a bird of prey on Josh Morrissey, taking the puck and feeding Draisailt for the GOAL looks great but for every cute play that worked the last two games, there was a half dozen that didn't work.  Finally Mcllelan broke up 97 and 29 ending cute hockey.  It was too late for this game but it sure woke the team up to the style of hockey needed to win in this league.  Hard skating, hit, go to the net hockey.  First time Draisailt looked awake.  Pay the man a fortune, it is about time Mcllelan gave him his own line.  Maybe next time Draisailt will get some better players on his wing.

2.  Yamamoto actually made an appearance.  In the first half of the game he was competing for the invisible man award but as soon as I wrote him off he got a shot, threw a hit and actually asserted himself into the game.  Sure Yam wasn't great, didn't score a goal and took a penalty at the end but there was promise, a hint of something more.

3.  Am I wrong about Darnell Nurse and his offensive upside??? That pass he made to RNH, leading him perfectly on a breakaway for a goal was a thing of beauty.  Defensively Nurse's foot speed, ability to stop, start and change directions is AWESOME.  Nobody is beating that man on a change of direction.  On offense Nurse still lacks a shot that would scare a WHL goal let alone an NHL one.  Most times he seems uncertain with what to do with the puck but then he makes a pass to RNH leaving me wonder.  How about you?

4.  Lucic isn't scoring goals.  Isn't even a threat to score based on where he gets the puck, but the man is a bowling ball with anyone in his way a bulling pin.  You could teach a Newtonian physics class on watching that man.  Lucic gets the bringing the ice award in this game because anyone he pummeled is going to need ice, lots of it.  If you need ice in Edmonton, Alberta, think Columbia Ice.

5.  Tipping pucks is a lost art in the NHL.  Nobody is getting very good shots these days, at least on the Oilers with many coming from the blue line.  What is needed is someone with good hands who can tip pucks and get the dirty Ryan Smyth type player goals.  I haven't seen Thomas Vanek play much except for the nice tip of the puck he made last game against Oilers but that is exactly what is need.  Oilers just don't have anyone with a rifle of a shot to score from afar so the only option is a change of direction or rebound garbage goals.  The type of goals Maroon was scoring last year.  Maroon against Winnipeg gets the invisible player of the game award.

How about you?  What did you observe watching Oilers get their butts handed to them by the Jets?  Leave a comment here or on twitter.  @ernieiceman

Until next time, STAY COOL!

Master Iceman

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