Thursday, October 5, 2017

How many goals does bad ice cost McDavid?

I have said all there is to say about bagged ice.  If you need ice in Edmonton, Alberta then call 780-960-7161.  Ernie will be happy to take your order and I will deliver it.  I have decided to use this pseudo company blog to write about something much more interesting, people on ice as in the Edmonton Oilers.  Every game I am going to share 5 observations and hopefully you can share a few of your own or tell me how out to lunch I am.

Calgary at Edmonton October 4th 3-0 win for Edmonton

1.  How many goals does bad ice cost Connor McDavid?  Rogers Place is not known for having good ice.  On the first partial break away it looked like McDavid was trying to get the puck over the Calgary goal stopper but the puck didn't pop off his stick.  After scoring the second of his 3 goals McDavid had another break away where he looked to want to pull the puck from the left to right only to lose the puck.  I don't know if the ice factored into McDavid not being able to raise the puck over the pad of the flames goalie or do a left to right pull around but the puck bounces and rolls enough on the ice at Rogers to make me wonder.  For a guy with his speed and puck handling skills having good ice is a must.  Bad ice limits what McDavid can do.  The question I have and I hope the ice makers at Rogers have is how many goals does bad ice cost the Oilers?  When you have the skill the Oilers do good ice is a must.

2.  Yamamoto is ready for the WHL not the NHL.  I will give the kid props for being smart on the ice but he can't seem to be able to hold onto the puck long enough to do anything other than touch passes. Yam needs more experience to be able to use his agility to give him the time and space to be able to hold off bigger players long enough to do something meaningful with the puck.

3.  ...and I thought Eberle would get the Oilers a top pairing dman.  Strome is a big, slow forward who can play center with good hands, not much physicality.  A soft Maroon who can play center.  If Strome is the best Ebs could get then I can understand why Larsson cost Oilers Hall.

4.  Darnell Nurse is just a bigger version of Chris Russell.  Nurse does not have the natural offensive instincts or nasty to be a top pairing dman.  Nurse like Russell can skate well but like Russell isn't always so sure what to do with the puck when Nurse has it on his stick.  Russell pound for pound is a better hitter.  Nurse might be bigger and stronger but he doesn't know how to deliver those body crunching open ice hits.  His money skill is good position and foot speed.

5.  Night and day the level of organization on the ice between this year's Oilers and the last 10 years.  It was like watching a well coached team play the Oilers in the past except this time the well coached team was the Oilers.  There wasn't any offense to be had by Calgary.  Oilers weren't out of position, chasing pucks, leaving people open in good scoring positions.

Good start to the season.. what did you see?

Master Iceman

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