Saturday, May 6, 2017

Stop blaming refs for Oilers losing to the Ducks

I remember back in the day when I was playing basketball, we got beat down by 30 points and a guy on my team tried to blame the refs.  My response was refs don't cause a team to lose by 30 points.  In hockey the games are much closer, however the principle is the same you don't blame a ref for wins and loses.  That is what losers do.  They cry, look everywhere else for blame instead of looking in the mirror when trying to find blame for a lose.  If refereeing is an issue never let the game get into a situation where one or two calls by a ref can determine the outcome.

In reference to the last two games the Oilers played against the Ducks, the Oilers they lost because they stopped doing what made them successful after getting a 2-0 lead in game 4 and a 3-0 lead in game 5.  Instead of continuing to attack, realizing the team they were playing had a tendency to go on dominating runs when faced with a defensive, lets not lose style, the Oilers sat back and dared the ducks to comeback.  Of course, as is the pattern of the Oilers during the mad comeback the ref was put in a position to have a direct effect on the game.  Sure it is easy to say goalie interference but man you are playing with fire allowing the other team to have puck and players in close like that, hoping a ref will save the Oiler's bacon.

Both Oiler games 4 and 5 against the Ducks was PREDICTABLE.  You knew the Oilers were going to sit back thinking 2 or 3 goals was enough to win.  If this was the 80's the desire of 99 and friends to embarrass would of prevented either outcome.  99 unlike 97 didn't just want to win, Gretzky wanted to win pulling away.  It was an obsession to score as many goals as possible for those teams back in the glory years.  McDavid, Draisailt and friends seem happy getting a couple of goals and then hoping for time to run out.  They play with fire as hockey games are not usually won by playing less than a full game.  In Game 4 the Oilers thought they won after the first 20 minutes and in game 5 the Oilers thought they won after 40 minutes.

Stop crying about referees.  Stop looking for external reasons why the Oilers lose.  Winning and losing starts and ends with the players and coaches in the Oiler locker room.  Don't go hoping to hold on to a lead to a win. Play like you need the next goal, want the next goal, become obsessed about extending the lead.  Play desperate hockey at all times regardless of the score as if a goal is like crack to a crack addict and you can't live without the roar of the crowd that only comes with lighting the red light behind the net.

Master Iceman

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