Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Update on erniebcools the ATB BoostR crowdsourced shaved ice cart.

I am in the process of getting the final paperwork done on a 7x14 foot trailer.  Going the trailer route instead of traditional concession cart as I would need a trailer to haul the cart around.  I wish this process had been faster but like anything else in this world paperwork takes time.  I am having to lease to buy a trailer as buying one outright means having the money upfront.

As for the shaved ice machine and supplies I honestly want to cry when I think about it.  I have two creditcards empty, ready to spend 5000.00 on a shaved ice machine and supplies but so far trying to find a shaved ice company who wants my money has been painful.  I should of known from my past dealings with American companies that it would be difficult for them to find Canada on a map let alone actually sell stuff to a Canadian.  Awhile back I went to Kansas, was checking into a hotel and the lady asked me if Canada was in the District of Columbia.  I said yes because in her mind the only thing surrounding the US was mexico and then the earth ended.  I have inquired multiple places, asked for a quote and am still waiting.  Going to try again.  It shouldn't be rocket science but apparently selling something you sell to someone with money to buy what you are selling is difficult for Americans.

My problem is likely that I expect people to email in a timely fashion which 3 weeks is not.


  1. According to your elementary school science teacher and your elementary school books, the process of making ice from water is simple. Shaping the ice cubes is not a difficult process because all you need is a simple ice maker. So how does an ice maker work? Jerry

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