Friday, March 3, 2017

I miss you Phil Allen, you were a heck of a coach, an even better man.

It is always shocking to hear someone you knew passed away.  I hadn't thought about Phil Allen for years until the other day on twitter I noticed they had a Phil Allen Memorial award.  I didn't know how much Phil had affected my life till I read that.  For those that don't know Phil he was a heck of a basketball coach, father and promoter of sports in Alberta working on SAIT, Grant MacEwan, and Lakeland College.  His passion was unmatched and dedication to building quality basketball programs which with along with winners produced good men.

Frankly Phil was a hardass as a coach.  The type you want to play for but better be ready to play for.  On and off the court he took every aspect of running a good basketball program serious.  His players actually were expected to do homework, attend classes and act like university students.  You might of started out as an immature young man playing for Phil but you came away a young adult when you left his program.

The thing I liked about Phil the most was even the times when his passion for the sport got the best of him and it had negative consequences Phil never let it stop him.  He learned from his mistakes and used them to become a better man.  In life nobody or nothing is perfect.  Good people slip and fall.  The difference with Phil is he picked him self up with vengeance.  It made Phil a lot more relatable to me knowing he had gone through some tough times in his basketball journey and used those to push himself to be better.  For a young man, like I was when I knew Phil that was a worthy example how in life you have to keep on fight and battling. Mistakes will happen but you can't let those mistakes define you.

To sum up what kind of man Phil was... I was coaching a summers league to which Phil was the head of.  He actually lead the charge to get coaches like myself paid a little.  Not a lot but a little.  Any time I had a question, even if it meant calling Phil a half dozen times in an evening he was always patient, positive and supportive.

Phil you were a good man.  I will miss you.  I admired you a lot and the lessons you taught me in the brief time I knew you I took with me along my journey in life.

Master Iceman

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