Saturday, March 18, 2017

Breaking a bully's nose was a defining moment in my life

I was always a shy kid.  I let people push me around.  Didn't really fight back as I was always consumed with fear of life and people.  Vince was his name, he had spiked hair, glasses and big arms for a guy in grade 9.  The school I was at had a policy that you got suspended 5 days for fighting and anyone who watched a fight got suspended for a day.  The principle wouldn't break up a fight, instead he would video tape the people at the fight.  Needless to say in our school there was not many fisticuffs.

I don't know what snapped inside me that I decided to challenge Vince to a fight behind the hockey rink.  As soon as I did the kids who enjoyed a good fight became cheerleaders walking us to the area away from the school.  Vince cam at me smiling, went to push me and that is when I fed his face a left, a left, a left, he bent over and then I kicked Vince in the face.  Fight was over, Vince was down for the count and I was told by the crowd of more experienced fighters to take off.

Even though I called Vince later that night to make sure he was ok breaking that kids nose was one of the defining moments of my life.  I finally took a step outside of my shell of shyness and stood up for myself.  It was no ok that Vince bullied me and by breaking Vince's nose I was saying with a fist it stops now.

The interesting thing is 20 years later in our pink shirt anti-bullying world is I would of been told what I did was wrong.  I should of told an adult who would... I don't even know what an adult could do expect morph me into a bigger target as being a rat just encouraged more bullying.  Sometimes being a human is having to take matters into your own hands and stand up for yourself.  It wasn't an adult saying it was not ok to bully me.  I said with force it was not ok to bully me.

No I am not saying force is the answer.  I don't have answers.  It just is interesting how what was the right choice for me 20 years ago likely isn't the right choice for young people today.  When I grew up you punched the bully in the nose.  Respect was earned and then everyone went on with their lives.  Today... I don't know how respect is earned by telling an adult.

The Master Iceman

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