Thursday, February 9, 2017

There is only one ice company that can wear the Alberta crest!

I have gotten over the fact that for the past five years American owned Arctic Glacier has misrepresented Polar Ice, a company it bought years ago as Alberta owned.  If American owned Arctic Glacier owns a company in Canada such Polar Ice, Polar Ice is American owned.
Polar ice is NOT Alberta owned!
Sure it made me angry because being Alberta owned is our big marketing feature at Columbia Ice.  It is all the small Alberta business has going for it when competing against big, faceless American owned corporations.  You might think it would be illegal to mislead consumers about the location of the owners but our competition bureau is useless.  Rules are just words without enforcement.  I wrote a blog post, got angry and then got over it as there isn't any recourse for leaving a website up advertising something that isn't true.

I have also accepted that Columbia Ice will likely never be able to do the Western Canadian ice contracts of big grocery and gas chains who use buying power to get a better price.  Just after we built our ice factory in Acheson we got a call from PetroCanada wanting to buy all our ice at 45 cents a bag which is below what it costs us to make the ice.  Sometimes the dream, big contracts are too big.  Sure it makes me grumpy seeing these gas stations and grocery stores selling competing products from a US supplier instead of a Canadian but we don't have ice factories across Western Canada to offer another option.  

Today I was hungry so I went to Save-on-foods to get a sandwich and some milk.  I never bought the sandwich and milk I had in my basket after seeing a freezer full of  American owned  Arctic Glacier with a picture of the province of Alberta with the Alberta crest on their freezer.  

Even though Arctic Glacier makes it's ice for Alberta in Calgary it isn't even remotely Alberta owned.  Arctic Glacier use to be Canadian owned until it got hit with a massive 12.5 million dollar fine for alleged price fixing in the US , an issue it is still dealing with today.  When Save-On-Foods or Arctic Glacier puts an Alberta crest on an outline of the Alberta province on it's freezer full of ice from the American owned ice company, it is misleading to the consumer.  A lot of people in Alberta will go out of their way to buy products from Alberta owned companies.  It makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside when you support local. When you see a company like Save-On-Foods and Arctic Glacier put a Alberta crest on their freezers it could make a person think Arctic Glacier is an Alberta owned company.

I know I am biased working for the competition to Arctic Glacier if a flea is competition to an elephant. It is just frustrating seeing our competition try to be like Columbia Ice and be an Alberta owned company.  So sad, too bad but there is only one ice company in Alberta that can wear the Alberta crest.  The same crest it's Master Iceman wore in 2000 as he traveled across Canada in the Canadian Naval Gunrun representing the great people of Alberta.  Columbia Ice, a proudly Alberta owned ice company.  Owners live in St. Albert.

Master Iceman

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