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Want a menu item named after your Alberta Distillery? | erniebcools

A big challenge anything craft has is getting their name out there.  You go to a liquor store these days and it is hard to distinguish one brand of liquor or beer from another.  Usually people will just go with what they know so it is a battle to get people to try something new.  Working for a small ice company who competes against Arctic Glacier this is a battle I know all too well.  Go to most liquor stores, gas stations, grocery stores and you will find Arctic Glacier.  99% of the ice in retail in Alberta is Arctic Glacier.  The whole support local tends to fall on deaf ears.  It is incredibly discouraging when you offer a lower price, a new ice merchandiser, ice made from a local ice company, not an American one and still make no headway.  I can very much relate to how a small craft brewer or distiller feels as they fight the good battle to build a sustainable business.  It is this reason that I want to highlight local craft distillers with the liquor side of erniebcools, Hawaiian shaved ice.

Shaved ice named after your distillery!

I have come up with an idea which I know offers real value to local distilleries and one Alberta craft microbrewery.  For a 100.00 contribution to my crowdsourcing campaign with ATB BoostR I will use a local distillers liquor in one menu item and then name that item after the distillery.  Shaved ice is versatile where it can be used with liquor and without depending on the event the shaved ice cart is being used at.  I have a good relationship through my job as an iceman with the people who run the beer and October festivals in Alberta.  The International Beerfest, Edmonton's largest according to their website has already agreed to let me debut erniebcools at the event.  The other ABF beer and Octoberfests have contributed 100.00 to the cause and it is likely I will be able to get a booth at their events.    

This means 1000's upon 1000's of people will see local distillers name on our menu.  That is publicity and brand awareness you cannot buy anywhere in this world for a price as low as a 100.00.  If that was the only thing I was offering as part of having a local distiller becoming part of the erniebcools story it would be a fantastic value.  I am also offering to do a blog post on using keyword phrases that matter to craft distillers target demographic creating valuable back links, helping those distillers show up higher in search.  The higher you are in search, the more unique page views your website gets and this should lead to more people inquiring about the liquor sold at Alberta distilleries. I have experience in search engine optimization so it will help you get noticed.  

If you run a craft distillery in Alberta, want some good PR at a fantastic value then go to ATB BoostR and contribute a 100.00 to erniebcools.  Use a branded email if possible as that email address will live forever on ATB BoostR's website.  People will see that you helped build a local business and create new jobs in Alberta.   

This is an offer is only valid for local Alberta distilleries until the end of the crowdsourcing campaign which is January 19th.  I am only going to have 4 custom liquor branded shaved ice menu items prominently displayed on the front of the cart and one one microbrewery menu item during liquor events making 5 in total a beautiful prime number.  The menu items will be displayed on the shaved ice cart for one year's time with an option to renew each year for another 100.00.  After January 19th if there are any spots left open I will open the floor up to any distiller in Canada.  I want to be a vocal advocate for the best of Alberta but it is a partnership where Alberta Distillers help me out by helping make erniebcools crowdsourcing campaign a success.  

If that isn't enough to motivate you to pull out the company cc, contribute a 100.00 to then  you may want to consider the fact I interact with the people behind all the festivals, talk to liquor store owners regularly and people running events with liquor.  Having someone brag about how awesome the people at your distillery to those who retail the liquor is just good PR.  The best part is I am not an expensive liquor rep who you have to pay a bunch of money to employ.  I am just an iceman who as part of his day to day duties will get to brag to the people that could matter to your distillery helping get the word out.

Be a part of the story, be a part of making Alberta cool with erniebcools!!!

Master Iceman

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