Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Nobody in Edmonton knows what Hawaiian Shaved Ice is.

bring the cool to Alberta
Shaved ice, Hawaiian shaved ice, blank stairs is what you get from most folk I have talked to in Alberta, mostly Edmonton.  How do you describe without experiencing the power of ice giving our favorite flavors and textures an added kick of coolness.  CBC writes about sausage, salami, some sort of luncheon meat but not shaved ice cause they don't know what shaved ice is.  It is snow you can make into a snowball which unlike snow cones holds the flavor of the syrups you poor on top.  A snow cone the fun is in the bottom.  Shaved ice the bottom can be ice cream, fruit, candy and even sweet beans.. don't ask. My wife is Filipino and I will never understand her pallet.  People come from different places in the world and like different flavors.  Shaved ice is universal except in Canada where their use to be more snow than sun.

I know one of the former owners of Polar Ice before Arctic bought the company.  He can't work in the ice industry but is a good guy.  Big, strong, hard worker and genuinely wants his clients to succeed.  I wanted to see if he would be interested to contributing to my shaved ice campaign as Hawaiian shaved ice does not compete with Arctic.  Nope, the has not heard of shaved ice as in the ice cream wrapped in a blanket of snowball snow drizzled in sweetness.  I want to say fish markets use shaved ice and thus he likely would of gotten calls about it when he was in the industry.  Sadly the dessert, the winter treat on a hot summers day which works with liquor is named poorly.  The good name was stolen from snow cones which uses crushed ice.


Just go to my shaved ice crowdsourcing campaign.  If Dave Mowat the CEO of ATB wants to help make Alberta cooler so should you.  If the beer as in the beer festivals wants the shaved ice then isn't it a good idea for you to follow suit.  Go to ATB BoostR's and contribute to erniebcools now.. The beer has spoken!!!

The Master Iceman

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