Thursday, December 22, 2016

Beer has spoken and it wants shaved ice

Crowdsourcing is about the story of a group of people coming together to build or create something new.  In our case at Columbia Ice, the new is a shaved ice concession cart, aka ice cream wrapped in a blanket of snow drizzled in sweetness.  Originally I had hoped to get the festivals that make our city great to contribute to erniebcools.  I wanted to use their contribution as an introduction to how much these events and festivals do for our city.  We live in a time when festival costs are going up and the not-for-profits behind them need more support from our city council.  Pleading with the city has not worked, at least based on news stories I have read so I figured a nice, positive story about festivals coming together to build a small alberta business might apply pressure through a positive story.

Sadly xmas is not a good time to try to communicate with a lot of festivals.   Really not a good time to run a crowdsourcing campaign as Santa is far more exciting than shaved ice.  Even those you get a hold of are so stressed over money it is hard to get them to be open to an outside the box idea like crowdsourcing a shaved ice cart even though they get more than the cost of the reward in shaved ice.  Just like love is about timing and circumstance, so too is crowdsourcing so my grand idea of having festivals build erniebcools in the winter is bad timing.  I had to do my crowdsourcing campaign in the winter so I have time to build the shaved ice concession cart.  

In life there are always exceptions to every rule... and the example is the good folk behind the Alberta Beer Festivals(ABF) in Edmonton, Calgary and Banff.   ABF also puts on two fantastic Octoberfests which make a pretty boring month a little more fun.  When I sent an email to Trevor at ABF he went onto ATB BoostR and pre-bought 120.00 worth of ice for a 100.00.  Just for supporting our crowdsourcing campaign Alberta Beer Festivals come out ahead and get to be a part of job creation in Edmonton.  That is pretty awesome if you ask me which would make sense if you have ever met the ABF agents who are pretty awesome people.  Next time you get a chance to enjoy a beer festival or octoberfest in Alberta know the money you spend is going to people who show their affection to the great province of Alberta through the action of helping others succeed like Columbia Ice and erniebcools.  

The Master Iceman

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