Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Edmonton baker uses packaged ice in bread making.

When you think of Edmonton and Ice do you think bread?  I certainly would of never of considered ice a vital ingredient when it comes to making bread and pastries.  Of course, I didn't know they used ice to make concrete harder till I started working at Columbia Ice.  I shouldn't be surprised they use ice in the wonderful world of baking.  I am not entirely sure why some bakeries use packaged ice in their processes but from what I can tell by googling there are two reasons.

Edmonton ice for Edmonton bread
The first is ice cold water is used to slow the fermentation process allowing some sort of acids to work, giving the bread more flavor.  The second is when dealing with lard in pie crusts you don't want the lard to melt.  According to Ernie, this gives the crust good flakiness.  I have never actually attempted to make pie crust, a pie or even bread so I will take his word on it.

Learning Edmonton ice is used in baking is one thing, trying to find the right type of bakery is another when it comes to trying to sell ice.  As an iceman working at an Edmonton ice company looking for new clients, you want to find the high volume baker that uses enough ice to make a delivery worthwhile and doesn't have an ice machine.  Sadly this has not been easy as the bakeries I have contacted in the past either have an ice maker or don't make the right types of breads, pie crusts and/or pizza crust where they need ice.

But I am alive and lots of people are not alive. I have a home and don't have to worry about bombs being dropped on it.  I have dogs that don't try to eat me.... so I am feeling optimistic.  I am going to write this snazzy blog post.  Some Edmonton baker will read the post, call 780-960-7161 and say SANDRA I need ice to make the bread flavorful. I need ice to make flaky crusts on pie,  I need ice, someone hit me over the head with a bat... might of been the Master Iceman of Columbia Ice trying to increase ice sales...

Thank you for listening ice.. most nice of you..

Master Iceman

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