Friday, July 15, 2016

Get off your mobile phone and get to work

Even though you tell employees to get off their phone in the ice factory, you almost have to be a tyrant to get them to listen.  Whether it be addiction or just not caring about the dangers around them young folk have no idea how unemployable they are with their phones on them.  I probably have to lock phones up if I want people to respect the condition of no phones on the ice floor.  I promise you those I see on the phone won't be back next year.  If I tell you something once, twice and on the third time mental note, does not listen to instructions, will not get another summer job with us.

I was so gunhoe this year, going to prove everybody wrong, students can work hard.. I was wrong, students for the most part our nearly completely useless.  You can't send them to do a job if you expect it to be done right.  Instead you will get the least amount of work possible or what I call lip service work.  A student will not go above and beyond as they take no pride in their work.  My mechanic said he could hire a student, get the student to sweep the floor, but he would have to go after the student to sweep the floor correctly.  The other day I had a student sweep the back area.  There was a piece of wood that needed to be moved to get the sawdust under it's edge.  Student sweeps around the wood, does not move it.

When I have to find something for a student to do the question goes through my mind what can this student do that is right?

Absolutely nothing..

Next year it will be different.  I am going to see a lawyer and each student will have to sign a phone waver stating that if they are injured or hurt in my warehouse while on their phone the company is not liable, nor is WCB.  Furthermore I, the employer can sue the student for being on the phone in the warehouse when they were explicitly told not to be on the phone.  It probably isn't legal to do this..

I guess the asshole will come out next year where I simply fire people for being on the phone.

Mobile phones make young people dangerous and nearly useless.  I won't hire students again.  Tired of stupid, can't listen to instructions, don't know how to work with any purpose, lulligag around like a piece of waste flesh.

Master Iceman

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