Friday, July 15, 2016

Every time in rains there is an iceman crying.

Being an iceman in Alberta can be depressing.  You turn on the news, read a digital paper and everyone is talking about global warming.  The one business which is global warming friendly should be ice.  As the world warms more people need to cool themselves with ice cold water or beer.  Not in yeg aka Edmonton or Calgary where the rain keeps on falling.  I am not exactly sure where this rain comes from as we live in the prairies.  the rain does not stay long.  It will be plus 25, sunny, a beautiful day and then bam the rain hits.   With rain comes the cancellation of events, people do not go camping and ice sales drop, drop, drop.  This makes me cry.  

First it was the low price of oil meaning no worker ice and now unpredictable weather killing ice sales.   Maybe I need to get into the umbrella business.  At Columbia Ice we make ice to keep beer cold and umbrellas to keep you dry.  If only I could pay workers 10 cents an hour like they do at sweatshops where umbrellas are made. 

Would you like a job making umbrellas for 10 cents an hour?  Hahaha.. this is a joke btw.  I wouldn't actually pay anyone 10 cents.  I pay a living wage even for students who are mostly useless.  

They call me... I call me

the master iceman.

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