Monday, June 13, 2016

Porkapalooza, singing firefighters and terrorism aimed at gay folk.

Dear ice,

Did you hear about the singing firefighters who sung their way to Edmonton and then back home after a dispute over pay?  Maybe next time do less singing and more reading of the fine print.

You got to feel sorry for gay folk this weekend.  Just when you start to feel like the world is accepting non-traditional sexual preferences some yahoo gets a gun and kills a whole bunch of gay folk in Orlando.  The excuse given was the guy saw two guys being affectionate in front of his family.  Just when you take a step forward Mr. Backwards fills you full of lead.  I guess to some being remembered in digital ink as a mass killer is better than two dudes kissing.

Penguins won the cup, not that anyone in Canada really cares.  Hockey might be our sport but the best hockey teams are in America where they get little fanfare.  The worst teams are in Canada where we sell out for losers regularly.  Speaking of being a happy loser the Edmonton Oilers are happy to lose the lottery.  Number one picks are not all they are McDavid to be.  A lot of times GM's end up picking the best player who isn't necessarily the best fit for the team.

Porkapalooza is coming to town... or maybe has always been here but coming out of hibernation.  Makes me hungry just thinking about it.  If I didn't have a fear of lines and large groups of people I might go.  I still might go because pork, bbq sauce and heat puts my stomach in the mood.

Thanks for listening ice.

Master Iceman

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