Friday, June 17, 2016

No hands distracted driving on the Anthony Henday

Dear ice,

Attractive young lady drives with no hands while texting on the Anthony Henday.  Distracted driving kills more people than drunk drivers.  Young lady is not so attractive when she plays Russian Roulette with people's lives.  Young lady is not alone as we all think the text, tweet, email, call is more important than our lives and those around us.  We are a very selfish people when it comes to needing the phone fix.  Addicts with little care for those around us.

Pope says most Catholic marriages are invalid as people don't grasp the concept of ever after.  I can't help but wonder who looks to a man who has never been married for marriage advice.  Speaking of the Pope, he has Okd the use of birth control in areas hit by Zika... makes you wonder how many lives would of been saved had the pope done the same thing in Africa with the HIV virus.

Why do creationists keep calling evolution a theory if they don't believe in evolution?  A theory is an hypothesis that has never been disproven.  When you call evolution a theory you are saying evolution is an hypothesis that has been tested over and over and over again and never been disproven.  Gravity is a theory.  Wonder if creationists believe in that.

I gave my driver keys for the locks on the ice merchandisers.  He took the keys and ice to porkapalooza.  What my dear driver did not take was the ice merchandisers and lock.  Pipe said 1/2 inch but does not fit a 1/2 john guest fitting.  I want to cry...

Thanks for listening my dear friend ice.

Master Iceman

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