Monday, June 20, 2016

Canada should allow people to carry guns.

A retired Greater Toronto area police officer on the Roy Green show on our Tea Party station 630Ched thinks everyone should have a gun.  Then when some dude struggling with his sexuality starts shooting up a gay club people can start shooting back.  Personally if I am a gay guy trynig to get my gay on I would rather the bulge in buddies pants is not a gun.  If guns were easy to get I might of shot my employee for driving our reefer without noticing the temperature gauge rising after the check engin light went on costing us 20+ thousand dollars to rebuild the engine.  I might of shot my mechanic went he told or even myself for putting a young person behind the wheel of key infrastructure for our company.   I think it is best for all parties involved that we don't make Canada like America where you can get a gun at walmart.

Golden State Warriors now join the Patriots as two teams to dominate in the regular season only to lose in the finals.  Lebron and Jordan are the greatest players I have ever seen play basketball... I still pick Jordan at GOAT because with the game on the line, last second shot you would take Jordan every time over Lebron.  

I almost got to go to Porkapalooza this year.  I drove around the stadium looking for parking, not knowing if Porkapalooza was a stadium event.  Seems odd the city wouldn't open up commonwealth and LRT parking for the event.  Ended up going to Beer Revolutions where I got an Education in blondes from Old's College.

Waffle House CEO bored with waffles tried his maid only to have her try to extort millions from him by creating a sex tape.   This is why I do not cheat.  A few minutes of fun that will cost you lots and lots of money later on if you are married that is.  Look at Tiger Woods and how much his affairs cost him.  

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