Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Edmonton fans already turning on Adam Larsson

In fairness it is only the Oiler fans and media folk alike on my twitter feed who is panning the trade of Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson.  It is ashame because this city has a long history of running dmen out of town who aren't instantly what the fans expect them to be.  Since Larsson got traded for Hall, Larsson needs to be an obvious number one dman on the Oilers for the fans to embrace the guy.  If Larsson struggles watch out people... the fans will turn on him.

Was listening to some guy talk about the missing or murdered indigenous women on the radio.  He talked about how the government was talking to aboriginal folk about the best way to handle things.  This confused me just like the fact nobody was prosecuted during the residential school fiasco.  It is obvious what needed to be done with residential schools just as it is obvious what needs to be done with all those missing or murdered women.  Find the people who did the crime, throw them in jail and toss away the key.  Justice is what any sane human wants.  Sadly when it comes to aboriginal people dealing with what is a highly discriminatory system, justice is the last thing our government cares about because how many RCMP, social workers, govt workers would be found out to be negligent, disinterested and down right racist when it comes to dealing with the first Canadians?  The treatment of aboriginal folk in Canada is embarrassing and our indifference to it as a society makes us all a bunch of racist pricks just as guilty as those who openly discriminate about indigenous people like our government does.

It is Canada day, the busiest weekend of the year usually for ice.  I am not going to get a day off this weekend.  That is ok I don't get days off till the snow hits the ground.  It is the life of an iceman.  Busy when it is hot and not so busy when it is cold.

That is all I got on the brain today as I wait for my driver to return from his deliveries.

Master Iceman

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