Wednesday, June 15, 2016

dropping an iphone can lead to broken elbow

Dear ice,

Making me feel better for hurting my hip bowling is Darren McFadden of the Cowboys.  Survives football season but breaks elbow trying to catch his iPhone. Get a rubber case dude, or go to an Apple Store, they will replace it for free.   

Cenovus the oil company that wants in our classroom in Alberta and tries to be everyone's best friend has started a project to help save the endangered caribou it and other oil companies helped make emdangered.  At the same time as Cenovus tries to save the caribou, ConocoPhillips spills oil on endangered caribou land through a pipeline leak.  I tell you oil companies are their own worst enemy when it comes to pipelines.  

My dog is chases its tail.  Is that normal?

I don't mind my employees when they don't hover like dogs waiting for me to tell them what to do.  Make yourself busy, move with a purpose.  Stay out of my personal space.  If I hear you breathing you are too close. Only animals allowed that close are my dogs and cat.   

CBC has run out of news stories as they are reporting Edmonton is not on the top of the list in terms of tourist destinations this year.  Begs the question when was Edmonton on the top of the list?  When you are looking for places to vacay who googles flights to Edmonton?

In case you weren't already sick of hearing about schools and politicians, the NDP is looking at changing the curriculum.  Start with the washrooms and finish with the textbooks.  

Thanks for listening,

Master Iceman

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