Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Brexit, Global warming, Ramadan and pipelines

Listen to any talk show in Alberta on the radio, bring up pipelines and just watch the calls come in from people all angry that so and so isn't doing enough to make pipelines happen.  Then you read an article on the CBC about why pipelines fail in Canada and quickly realize that oil companies and their pipelines are their own worst enemy.  You read an article like that and it is hard to trust oil companies know what they are doing when it comes to pipelines.  When it is hard to trust the people building the pipelines, or the govt regulators who always seem to be in big oil's pocket to make sure things are done right, new pipelines will be next to impossible to get people to agree to build.

The American Humane Society is investigating the death of 5 bison killed during a shoot for a movie in Alberta.  Begs the question why does the American Humane Society care about Bison killed in Alberta and not anyone in Alberta?  If you got to kill animals to make a movie you are a smuck who deserves to be flogged.

Had an employee who practiced Ramadan.  Near the end of one day dehydration reared it's ugly head and the normally very good driver backed one company truck into another.  Having delivered ice for years I can tell you that it is not safe to go from sun up to sun down without water while working in the sun.  This employee no longer works for us for other reasons however it does leave me with the question can I hire someone who does not drink water in the summer months for a month?   When eating and drinking normally the guy was a really good worker, however during his fasting time the guy was dangerous at the end of the day when dehydration set in.

Oilers didn't make a trade at the draft.  Feel like I am only an oilers fan for the trades that don't happen right now.  not like you can watch the hockey and be entertained.  Can't watch any hockey these days unless you like no goals.  Gary Bettman and the NHLPA need to give their head a shake if they think the world cup of hockey can fix the brutal entertainment value of most hockey games.

The world is ending, Britain is leaving the EU.  The usual oh no we have to redo a ton of trade deals so life as we know it will never be the same.  Did you get up and go to work?  I did so maybe the world will end tomorrow.

Master Iceman

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