Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Edmonton fans already turning on Adam Larsson

In fairness it is only the Oiler fans and media folk alike on my twitter feed who is panning the trade of Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson.  It is ashame because this city has a long history of running dmen out of town who aren't instantly what the fans expect them to be.  Since Larsson got traded for Hall, Larsson needs to be an obvious number one dman on the Oilers for the fans to embrace the guy.  If Larsson struggles watch out people... the fans will turn on him.

Was listening to some guy talk about the missing or murdered indigenous women on the radio.  He talked about how the government was talking to aboriginal folk about the best way to handle things.  This confused me just like the fact nobody was prosecuted during the residential school fiasco.  It is obvious what needed to be done with residential schools just as it is obvious what needs to be done with all those missing or murdered women.  Find the people who did the crime, throw them in jail and toss away the key.  Justice is what any sane human wants.  Sadly when it comes to aboriginal people dealing with what is a highly discriminatory system, justice is the last thing our government cares about because how many RCMP, social workers, govt workers would be found out to be negligent, disinterested and down right racist when it comes to dealing with the first Canadians?  The treatment of aboriginal folk in Canada is embarrassing and our indifference to it as a society makes us all a bunch of racist pricks just as guilty as those who openly discriminate about indigenous people like our government does.

It is Canada day, the busiest weekend of the year usually for ice.  I am not going to get a day off this weekend.  That is ok I don't get days off till the snow hits the ground.  It is the life of an iceman.  Busy when it is hot and not so busy when it is cold.

That is all I got on the brain today as I wait for my driver to return from his deliveries.

Master Iceman

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Brexit, Global warming, Ramadan and pipelines

Listen to any talk show in Alberta on the radio, bring up pipelines and just watch the calls come in from people all angry that so and so isn't doing enough to make pipelines happen.  Then you read an article on the CBC about why pipelines fail in Canada and quickly realize that oil companies and their pipelines are their own worst enemy.  You read an article like that and it is hard to trust oil companies know what they are doing when it comes to pipelines.  When it is hard to trust the people building the pipelines, or the govt regulators who always seem to be in big oil's pocket to make sure things are done right, new pipelines will be next to impossible to get people to agree to build.

The American Humane Society is investigating the death of 5 bison killed during a shoot for a movie in Alberta.  Begs the question why does the American Humane Society care about Bison killed in Alberta and not anyone in Alberta?  If you got to kill animals to make a movie you are a smuck who deserves to be flogged.

Had an employee who practiced Ramadan.  Near the end of one day dehydration reared it's ugly head and the normally very good driver backed one company truck into another.  Having delivered ice for years I can tell you that it is not safe to go from sun up to sun down without water while working in the sun.  This employee no longer works for us for other reasons however it does leave me with the question can I hire someone who does not drink water in the summer months for a month?   When eating and drinking normally the guy was a really good worker, however during his fasting time the guy was dangerous at the end of the day when dehydration set in.

Oilers didn't make a trade at the draft.  Feel like I am only an oilers fan for the trades that don't happen right now.  not like you can watch the hockey and be entertained.  Can't watch any hockey these days unless you like no goals.  Gary Bettman and the NHLPA need to give their head a shake if they think the world cup of hockey can fix the brutal entertainment value of most hockey games.

The world is ending, Britain is leaving the EU.  The usual oh no we have to redo a ton of trade deals so life as we know it will never be the same.  Did you get up and go to work?  I did so maybe the world will end tomorrow.

Master Iceman

Monday, June 20, 2016

Canada should allow people to carry guns.

A retired Greater Toronto area police officer on the Roy Green show on our Tea Party station 630Ched thinks everyone should have a gun.  Then when some dude struggling with his sexuality starts shooting up a gay club people can start shooting back.  Personally if I am a gay guy trynig to get my gay on I would rather the bulge in buddies pants is not a gun.  If guns were easy to get I might of shot my employee for driving our reefer without noticing the temperature gauge rising after the check engin light went on costing us 20+ thousand dollars to rebuild the engine.  I might of shot my mechanic went he told or even myself for putting a young person behind the wheel of key infrastructure for our company.   I think it is best for all parties involved that we don't make Canada like America where you can get a gun at walmart.

Golden State Warriors now join the Patriots as two teams to dominate in the regular season only to lose in the finals.  Lebron and Jordan are the greatest players I have ever seen play basketball... I still pick Jordan at GOAT because with the game on the line, last second shot you would take Jordan every time over Lebron.  

I almost got to go to Porkapalooza this year.  I drove around the stadium looking for parking, not knowing if Porkapalooza was a stadium event.  Seems odd the city wouldn't open up commonwealth and LRT parking for the event.  Ended up going to Beer Revolutions where I got an Education in blondes from Old's College.

Waffle House CEO bored with waffles tried his maid only to have her try to extort millions from him by creating a sex tape.   This is why I do not cheat.  A few minutes of fun that will cost you lots and lots of money later on if you are married that is.  Look at Tiger Woods and how much his affairs cost him.  

Thanks for listening,

Master Iceman

Friday, June 17, 2016

No hands distracted driving on the Anthony Henday

Dear ice,

Attractive young lady drives with no hands while texting on the Anthony Henday.  Distracted driving kills more people than drunk drivers.  Young lady is not so attractive when she plays Russian Roulette with people's lives.  Young lady is not alone as we all think the text, tweet, email, call is more important than our lives and those around us.  We are a very selfish people when it comes to needing the phone fix.  Addicts with little care for those around us.

Pope says most Catholic marriages are invalid as people don't grasp the concept of ever after.  I can't help but wonder who looks to a man who has never been married for marriage advice.  Speaking of the Pope, he has Okd the use of birth control in areas hit by Zika... makes you wonder how many lives would of been saved had the pope done the same thing in Africa with the HIV virus.

Why do creationists keep calling evolution a theory if they don't believe in evolution?  A theory is an hypothesis that has never been disproven.  When you call evolution a theory you are saying evolution is an hypothesis that has been tested over and over and over again and never been disproven.  Gravity is a theory.  Wonder if creationists believe in that.

I gave my driver keys for the locks on the ice merchandisers.  He took the keys and ice to porkapalooza.  What my dear driver did not take was the ice merchandisers and lock.  Pipe said 1/2 inch but does not fit a 1/2 john guest fitting.  I want to cry...

Thanks for listening my dear friend ice.

Master Iceman

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kenya figures out why aliens anal probe humans.

Hello ice,

The ten ton is acting up again.  It is our fault, our night staff didn't know or forgot to come in and so the machine froze up.  I tried fixing it, running the water through the machine to make sure we don't have any build up of ice.  I checked the oil levels in the condenser, felt it up to determine what needs to be hot is hot and what needs to be cool is cool.  Still no ice as it runs through it's cycle.  Time to call the oscar.

It must suck to be mayor when they dress you up like an old guy in a track suit.  

Did you know the road to zika Rio goes through Edmonton at Foote Field the most confusing track field to get to?  Don Iverson, our mayor is giving the event a boast by dressing up like a track star that slouches.  If you haven't seen a world class track meet I highly recommend you come see the Greek god like athletes with their perfect bodies. If that don't sway you let me tell you there are attractive men and women competing in the event.  the eye candy alone for both sexes makes it a worthwhile weekend.

In Kenya they are allowed to use anal probes to determine if men are gay finally answering the question about what Aliens are doing when they kidnap and anal probe us.  I wonder how that job ad looks.  Need someone with experience examining male butts to see if men are gay.  Seems to me the perfect person for the job would be a gay person.  Being gay in this world would be difficult.  All these straight folk all mad, willing to kill and examine butts trying to stop the gay even though it is the straight folk who keep popping out them kids who happen to be gay.  Gay folk in general don't have children so the only one to blame for gay is the straight.  As far as this iceman is concerned straight men in particular should be happy when our fellow man is gay as it increases the straight's odds of the straight finding a partner.  The whole fear of the gay is the dumbest thing in the world.

ISIS has a list of a 151 Canadians they want to kill.  I thought they wanted to kill us all but apparently only 151 Canadians win the ISIS lottery...

Did you hear the NDP is going to try to update the education curriculum in six years even though the election cycle is ~ every 4 years?  We all talk about diversification and trying to make our economy in Alberta more stable, less reliant on oil.  If we really meant that beyond the bullshit lip service promises from bobblehead dolls in suits then make coding a core subject in all Alberta schools.  Trust me when I say in ten years we will have a strong, growing tech industry.

That is all that this frostbitten brain has to say today.  Thanks for listening ice.

Master Iceman 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

dropping an iphone can lead to broken elbow

Dear ice,

Making me feel better for hurting my hip bowling is Darren McFadden of the Cowboys.  Survives football season but breaks elbow trying to catch his iPhone. Get a rubber case dude, or go to an Apple Store, they will replace it for free.   

Cenovus the oil company that wants in our classroom in Alberta and tries to be everyone's best friend has started a project to help save the endangered caribou it and other oil companies helped make emdangered.  At the same time as Cenovus tries to save the caribou, ConocoPhillips spills oil on endangered caribou land through a pipeline leak.  I tell you oil companies are their own worst enemy when it comes to pipelines.  

My dog is chases its tail.  Is that normal?

I don't mind my employees when they don't hover like dogs waiting for me to tell them what to do.  Make yourself busy, move with a purpose.  Stay out of my personal space.  If I hear you breathing you are too close. Only animals allowed that close are my dogs and cat.   

CBC has run out of news stories as they are reporting Edmonton is not on the top of the list in terms of tourist destinations this year.  Begs the question when was Edmonton on the top of the list?  When you are looking for places to vacay who googles flights to Edmonton?

In case you weren't already sick of hearing about schools and politicians, the NDP is looking at changing the curriculum.  Start with the washrooms and finish with the textbooks.  

Thanks for listening,

Master Iceman

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Another Tuesday in the day in the life of an iceman

Dear ice,

I always like Tuesday because when I get home there will be new releases on my telus on demand.  My wife does not like Tuesday for the same reason... I spend money on telus on demand.  I try to explain it would cost more going to a movie but she doesn't seem to hear me.

I bet the agriculture financial service board does not like Tuesday as they all woke up no longer members of the board having enjoyed too much booze and golf on the taxpayers dime.  I should be mad but at least they spent taxpayer money on something I would spend money on, not something silly like anther committee.

The weather is nicer today although there is rain on the forecast.  Still not the nice dry heat we love in the ice industry.  Nothing says hello concrete ice sales like heat, heat and more heat.   Sure I like to relax but after relaxing all winter I want it to be super, duper busy.  

Today I get to unfreeze my ice  makers because my evening staff decided not to come in last night.  Machines kept making ice not knowing to shut off.  One thing lead to another and frozen ice makers and augers is what you get.  I am stalling right now because I don't want to deal with it.  I have paperwork I can do.. yes I will do paperwork and deal with frozen ice makers later.

Stay Cool,

Master Iceman

Monday, June 13, 2016

Porkapalooza, singing firefighters and terrorism aimed at gay folk.

Dear ice,

Did you hear about the singing firefighters who sung their way to Edmonton and then back home after a dispute over pay?  Maybe next time do less singing and more reading of the fine print.

You got to feel sorry for gay folk this weekend.  Just when you start to feel like the world is accepting non-traditional sexual preferences some yahoo gets a gun and kills a whole bunch of gay folk in Orlando.  The excuse given was the guy saw two guys being affectionate in front of his family.  Just when you take a step forward Mr. Backwards fills you full of lead.  I guess to some being remembered in digital ink as a mass killer is better than two dudes kissing.

Penguins won the cup, not that anyone in Canada really cares.  Hockey might be our sport but the best hockey teams are in America where they get little fanfare.  The worst teams are in Canada where we sell out for losers regularly.  Speaking of being a happy loser the Edmonton Oilers are happy to lose the lottery.  Number one picks are not all they are McDavid to be.  A lot of times GM's end up picking the best player who isn't necessarily the best fit for the team.

Porkapalooza is coming to town... or maybe has always been here but coming out of hibernation.  Makes me hungry just thinking about it.  If I didn't have a fear of lines and large groups of people I might go.  I still might go because pork, bbq sauce and heat puts my stomach in the mood.

Thanks for listening ice.

Master Iceman