Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sophie Trudeau, and the stupidity of politics

I had to google to findout how many staffers Michelle Obama has.  22-24 depending on what website you go to.  It made me laugh because it highlighted the absurdity of the federal conservatives and NDP expecting the prime minister's wife to only have one assistant as if a first lady is just like every other Canadian which is also absurd.  Being a first lady is a life changing event.  Gone are the days of anonymity and being able to live a life without security all the time.  Anyone who says it isn't a full time job needs to put their head in a blender.  Life as Sophie Trudeau changed forever the moment Justin got elected Prime Minister of Canada.

Unlike Harper or his wife, magazines, news shows, talk shows, you name it want Justin and/or Sophie on them as the two have become minor celebrities.  Sophie for example has numerous requests for speeches, fundraisers and other valid causes she wants to support.  Living in a social media powered world if Canada wants to look good then Sophie needs someone to manage her digital image, help her with speeches and to sort through the different causes to pick the ones that best suit her.  Sorry to all the people who say regular Canadians don't get assistants, but nobody watches your every move with cameras.  Nobody is trying to get you to say something politically incorrect.  Nobody wants you to speak at fundraisers or other events. It is an asinine argument, one that any decent reporter with half a brain would of jumped all over if getting clicks and sensationalism wasn't the name of the game in reporting.

Michelle Obama makes America look good.  When she goes on TV, does talk shows or speaks it usually is a very positive image created of the first lady who is representing all Americans.  Personally I have always admired the first lady for how she gets out there and adds her personality to the world.  You never hear Americans complaining about her assistants because she is actively out there trying to make America better.  Their is no you must survive on peanuts yet look like a million dollars.  You better believe in Canada if Sophie Trudeau looked like a mother of 3 kids who has been answering calls all day, a little disheveled, the same yahoos who are up in arms now would be up in arms about how a prime ministers wife needs to look perfect at all times.

It is just bs political pettiness, where politicians instead of working on stuff that matters focus on their attention on itty bitty little things that affect nobody yet make conservatives or NDP in theory look good.  The very kind of stuff that makes me so very cynical towards politics in Canada.

The Master Iceman

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