Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Justin Trudeau is a good man for taking a day off to celebrate his marriage to his wife.

There is a group of people in Canada who do nothing else but try to point out the flaws in everything Justin Trudeau.  The most recent flaw is him taking his anniversary off to spend with his wife while in Japan.  One lady on twitter wrote that he has only been on the job for 7 months and does not deserve a vacation even though last weekend in the rain half of alberta tried to have a vacation.  Apparently it is ok for the rest of the world to take a day or two off but not our prime minister.  

I am not sure when taking a day to spend with your family is a vacation and not just a day off.  I am sure that as a husband I admire seeing our leader make his wife a priority in a world when so many of us do not make family enough of a priority.  Just because a person becomes prime minister does not mean that person stops being a parent or in this case a husband.  Part of the challenge in working time consuming jobs that don't end at 5pm or on Friday is making time for your family.  Since when does being a good man make you a bad prime minister?  

Sadly this has become the reality of leading Canada where the loudest want Trudeau to pay for everything out of pocket, get no extra help raising his kids because he is away all the time on Canada business or give his wife help dealing with all the requests she gets.  In Canada the opposition would rather Trudeau live like a peasant, his wife show up to events with dried puke on her dress, hair disheveled and the only time they get alone together is when Justin comes home late at night. 

I don't know if Justin Trudeau is a good prime minister.  Often there are many external factors beyond a leaders control which will determine how history will view him.  What I do know is that by saying I am taking a day to spend with the women I love, Justin is a good man and husband.  I would argue that makes him a better leader of Canada as having a stable and positive home life can only help Justin lead in a very unstable world.  

If being a good husband makes all the conservative and new democrats angry then they really need to reexamine those so called family values they talk about whenever it comes to anything gay.  I suppose the good news is if all these anti-Justin folk are obsessed with him being a good husband then it means Canada must be doing pretty good as their is nothing of substance to complain about.  

The Iceman

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