Saturday, May 21, 2016

I hired a Muslim man who hasn't tried to kill me.

I hired a Muslim man who hasn't tried to kill me.  I want to ask trump followers how can this be, you all act like being Muslim means killing non-Muslims.  Could it be that most Muslims like we see at superstore have no interested in killing anyone?  That Muslims in general have as much in common with ISIS as we do the idiot parents who beat their kid to death for wanting to leave an extreme sec of Christianity? 

Crazy talk I know.  Never make the Facebook feed.  A Muslim, likely a billion or so who have no interesting in killing... Snooze alert, who wants to read a story about Muslims not wanting to kill Christians, atheists or as I like to call them agnostics in denial as nobody speaks to zombies.  I made that joke to the Muslim man I hired and he didn't try to kill me.  It isn't that the majority is silent, it is they are too boring to make it before our eyes.  Scandal, sex, devastation and gore get the most clicks which is why reporters seek out the worst of us to define the world outside of us by.  

Master Iceman

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