Thursday, May 19, 2016

I don't care about Trudeau and his stupid elbow

The idiocy of politics is that you all don't have an app to vote on bills so stupid parliament games don't ducktape those we elect to seats in some house I don't care to ever see.  I don't even care if Justin Trudeau threw an elbow.  Nothing more annoying than talking bobblehead dolls in suits saying nothing.  What is the point other than trying to shame another while rejoicing in their flaws pretending you are better.  Drive me batty, the frostbite would get agitated, voices would start to speak...

The weather forecast called for a flurry as my arms started flaying forward.  38 years of hockey for breakfast, lunch and dinner had taught me one recourse to stupid... I grab the suit jacket over the fellow mp's head, feeding him shots to the head...and u all want to talk about an elbow. Lucky they don't elect this master iceman.

Shit up, get to work and talk about crap that matters.  Don't waste our taxpayer money crying about an arm that may of been an elbow.  

Master Iceman

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