Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dating advice from the Master Iceman of Columbia Ice

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, failing each time and trying again expecting a different result.  Thus according to this definition the act of dating is an act of insanity.  Thus the entire world, not just the iceman is a tad insane.  Glad we got that out of the way, now lets move on to dating advice from the Iceman.

Today I want to talk about how long a first date or meet and greet should be.  I will start by exclaiming never make a first date longer than an hour or two!  Recently, Bob my fictitious character I use for my examples went on a date to this pie shop with a young lady he had a crush on.  The next day with hearts in his eyes Bob mentioned they closed the cafe like he was in some Hollywood movie.  I wanted to smack the hearts out of his head but unfortunately in Alberta, labor law does not allow me to flog my employees.  Life ain't no movie, people have things to do and nobody has five hours to talk to someone else.  The days of talking till late in the night ended in high school.  If the conversation is good then by ending things early she will look forward to talking to you again.  By talking for five hours she now has to worry about having something to do later or an excuse to get out of the date if things tend to the forever mark on the alarm clock.

With women less is more.  Instead of giving her a whole cake to eat so she is sick of cake by the end you want to give her a small slice.  Something that will linger on her lips and leave her wishing for more.  The whole Romeo and Juliet, rocket ship ride love story is something best saved for movies and not real life as love that burns that brightly, that quick burns out.  I would argue it isn't even love but instead infatuation and lust as real love is a slow walk.  It is something that happens after two people have been together over a long period of time and been through a few road bumps along the way.  Love must be like this as life is full of hidden potholes that demand a strong bond between two people that can only form with time in order to overcome any bump in the road.  Furthermore there is no need to rush love and ever after as ever after means you will in theory unless you get hit by a bus have time to spend with this person.  This means relax, spend an hour or two, go off and build your own life.  Let her do the same.  Then the next time you see each other you both will be genuinely excited to see each other..

Dating advice... from the

Master Iceman.

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