Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Justin Trudeau is a good man for taking a day off to celebrate his marriage to his wife.

There is a group of people in Canada who do nothing else but try to point out the flaws in everything Justin Trudeau.  The most recent flaw is him taking his anniversary off to spend with his wife while in Japan.  One lady on twitter wrote that he has only been on the job for 7 months and does not deserve a vacation even though last weekend in the rain half of alberta tried to have a vacation.  Apparently it is ok for the rest of the world to take a day or two off but not our prime minister.  

I am not sure when taking a day to spend with your family is a vacation and not just a day off.  I am sure that as a husband I admire seeing our leader make his wife a priority in a world when so many of us do not make family enough of a priority.  Just because a person becomes prime minister does not mean that person stops being a parent or in this case a husband.  Part of the challenge in working time consuming jobs that don't end at 5pm or on Friday is making time for your family.  Since when does being a good man make you a bad prime minister?  

Sadly this has become the reality of leading Canada where the loudest want Trudeau to pay for everything out of pocket, get no extra help raising his kids because he is away all the time on Canada business or give his wife help dealing with all the requests she gets.  In Canada the opposition would rather Trudeau live like a peasant, his wife show up to events with dried puke on her dress, hair disheveled and the only time they get alone together is when Justin comes home late at night. 

I don't know if Justin Trudeau is a good prime minister.  Often there are many external factors beyond a leaders control which will determine how history will view him.  What I do know is that by saying I am taking a day to spend with the women I love, Justin is a good man and husband.  I would argue that makes him a better leader of Canada as having a stable and positive home life can only help Justin lead in a very unstable world.  

If being a good husband makes all the conservative and new democrats angry then they really need to reexamine those so called family values they talk about whenever it comes to anything gay.  I suppose the good news is if all these anti-Justin folk are obsessed with him being a good husband then it means Canada must be doing pretty good as their is nothing of substance to complain about.  

The Iceman

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dating advice from the Master Iceman of Columbia Ice

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, failing each time and trying again expecting a different result.  Thus according to this definition the act of dating is an act of insanity.  Thus the entire world, not just the iceman is a tad insane.  Glad we got that out of the way, now lets move on to dating advice from the Iceman.

Today I want to talk about how long a first date or meet and greet should be.  I will start by exclaiming never make a first date longer than an hour or two!  Recently, Bob my fictitious character I use for my examples went on a date to this pie shop with a young lady he had a crush on.  The next day with hearts in his eyes Bob mentioned they closed the cafe like he was in some Hollywood movie.  I wanted to smack the hearts out of his head but unfortunately in Alberta, labor law does not allow me to flog my employees.  Life ain't no movie, people have things to do and nobody has five hours to talk to someone else.  The days of talking till late in the night ended in high school.  If the conversation is good then by ending things early she will look forward to talking to you again.  By talking for five hours she now has to worry about having something to do later or an excuse to get out of the date if things tend to the forever mark on the alarm clock.

With women less is more.  Instead of giving her a whole cake to eat so she is sick of cake by the end you want to give her a small slice.  Something that will linger on her lips and leave her wishing for more.  The whole Romeo and Juliet, rocket ship ride love story is something best saved for movies and not real life as love that burns that brightly, that quick burns out.  I would argue it isn't even love but instead infatuation and lust as real love is a slow walk.  It is something that happens after two people have been together over a long period of time and been through a few road bumps along the way.  Love must be like this as life is full of hidden potholes that demand a strong bond between two people that can only form with time in order to overcome any bump in the road.  Furthermore there is no need to rush love and ever after as ever after means you will in theory unless you get hit by a bus have time to spend with this person.  This means relax, spend an hour or two, go off and build your own life.  Let her do the same.  Then the next time you see each other you both will be genuinely excited to see each other..

Dating advice... from the

Master Iceman.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

I hired a Muslim man who hasn't tried to kill me.

I hired a Muslim man who hasn't tried to kill me.  I want to ask trump followers how can this be, you all act like being Muslim means killing non-Muslims.  Could it be that most Muslims like we see at superstore have no interested in killing anyone?  That Muslims in general have as much in common with ISIS as we do the idiot parents who beat their kid to death for wanting to leave an extreme sec of Christianity? 

Crazy talk I know.  Never make the Facebook feed.  A Muslim, likely a billion or so who have no interesting in killing... Snooze alert, who wants to read a story about Muslims not wanting to kill Christians, atheists or as I like to call them agnostics in denial as nobody speaks to zombies.  I made that joke to the Muslim man I hired and he didn't try to kill me.  It isn't that the majority is silent, it is they are too boring to make it before our eyes.  Scandal, sex, devastation and gore get the most clicks which is why reporters seek out the worst of us to define the world outside of us by.  

Master Iceman

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I don't care about Trudeau and his stupid elbow

The idiocy of politics is that you all don't have an app to vote on bills so stupid parliament games don't ducktape those we elect to seats in some house I don't care to ever see.  I don't even care if Justin Trudeau threw an elbow.  Nothing more annoying than talking bobblehead dolls in suits saying nothing.  What is the point other than trying to shame another while rejoicing in their flaws pretending you are better.  Drive me batty, the frostbite would get agitated, voices would start to speak...

The weather forecast called for a flurry as my arms started flaying forward.  38 years of hockey for breakfast, lunch and dinner had taught me one recourse to stupid... I grab the suit jacket over the fellow mp's head, feeding him shots to the head...and u all want to talk about an elbow. Lucky they don't elect this master iceman.

Shit up, get to work and talk about crap that matters.  Don't waste our taxpayer money crying about an arm that may of been an elbow.  

Master Iceman

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nobody likes talking about mental illness.

Nobody who has frostbite on the brain likes to talk about it.  Doing so can wear out friendships, family isn't always understanding, often people give simplistic answers to what tends to be very complicated and then they get mad or act fed up that it didn't work.  I don't have answers.  Feeling the world too much and for too long is a mofo.  I will offer perspective...

Sensitive people can often become overwhelmed with emotions.  The wave of emotion combined with personal insecurity, low self esteem can change how you see the world.  It causes you to misread most situations, often leading u to assume the worst, creating all this anxiety, fear, self loathing until either ur fears r confirmed or u r wrong, everything is fine, the world does not end, anxiety is replaced by relief, at least until the next time she doesn't say goodbye with the perfect tone, changes plans, doesn't say something sweet back.  Over and over again emotionally ur relationships become overwhelming as u can't relax.  Instead of living life in the moment there is the voice in your head always making h anxious that u r going to mess things up.  Without intending to, you look for reassurance because u can't make that leap to believing the signs.  Nothing women hate more than having to reassure men.  Nothing makes u less attractive.  

If ur experience is somewhat like this then you still have a ways to go in the battle with self and perspective.  It isn't an impossible journey. You need to surround yourself with good friends who care about you. Stay on track in terms of what u want to achieve in school, career, work etc.  Do small positive things for yourself, achievable goals.  Give it time, understand when it comes to love u r more likely to fail than succeed these days.  Timing is so important.  U can meet amazing people but not be in the same place.  Love can end for a million and one reasons.  U can obsess, look for answers in the tea leaves, drive urself mad, or you can take a moment, reflect, learn, and then turn the channel.  One person's view of u does not define ur self worth.  U can try to make mismatched puzzle pieces match all u want but they ain't going to match.

Energizer bunny, that is who you have to be.  You got to keep going because Miley becomes Pip, Polly, Dolly until you find your match.  Secret to life is keep going. Breath, sleep, eat, work, have fun, etc.  There is no pause.  You are going to be wrong, fail a dozen more times, sometimes in embarrassing ways.  Trust me when I say all of us have moments in our life that when we reflect on we want to scream as how stupid we were.  If there is comfort in knowing love, romance, the dream of family drives many of us to act less than perfect, to take it personal, feel it more deeply, making it hard to snap out of it then take comfort in numbers.  All u can do in life is learn, forgive urself for being stupid, look forward and keep going.  

Master Iceman


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sophie Trudeau, and the stupidity of politics

I had to google to findout how many staffers Michelle Obama has.  22-24 depending on what website you go to.  It made me laugh because it highlighted the absurdity of the federal conservatives and NDP expecting the prime minister's wife to only have one assistant as if a first lady is just like every other Canadian which is also absurd.  Being a first lady is a life changing event.  Gone are the days of anonymity and being able to live a life without security all the time.  Anyone who says it isn't a full time job needs to put their head in a blender.  Life as Sophie Trudeau changed forever the moment Justin got elected Prime Minister of Canada.

Unlike Harper or his wife, magazines, news shows, talk shows, you name it want Justin and/or Sophie on them as the two have become minor celebrities.  Sophie for example has numerous requests for speeches, fundraisers and other valid causes she wants to support.  Living in a social media powered world if Canada wants to look good then Sophie needs someone to manage her digital image, help her with speeches and to sort through the different causes to pick the ones that best suit her.  Sorry to all the people who say regular Canadians don't get assistants, but nobody watches your every move with cameras.  Nobody is trying to get you to say something politically incorrect.  Nobody wants you to speak at fundraisers or other events. It is an asinine argument, one that any decent reporter with half a brain would of jumped all over if getting clicks and sensationalism wasn't the name of the game in reporting.

Michelle Obama makes America look good.  When she goes on TV, does talk shows or speaks it usually is a very positive image created of the first lady who is representing all Americans.  Personally I have always admired the first lady for how she gets out there and adds her personality to the world.  You never hear Americans complaining about her assistants because she is actively out there trying to make America better.  Their is no you must survive on peanuts yet look like a million dollars.  You better believe in Canada if Sophie Trudeau looked like a mother of 3 kids who has been answering calls all day, a little disheveled, the same yahoos who are up in arms now would be up in arms about how a prime ministers wife needs to look perfect at all times.

It is just bs political pettiness, where politicians instead of working on stuff that matters focus on their attention on itty bitty little things that affect nobody yet make conservatives or NDP in theory look good.  The very kind of stuff that makes me so very cynical towards politics in Canada.

The Master Iceman

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Role of the swamper at Columbia Ice

In the summer I hire a driver and because I am nice I hire a swamper to save my ice delivery driver's legs.  It is the climbing up and down the back of the truck to get the ice, fighting the effects of that darn gravity which tire a student out.  The swamper at Columbia Ice does the following:

1.  Help load the truck in the morning.  This means getting up on the truck and spinning pallets with the help of the driver, getting our ice delivery truck rutabaga, ready to hit the road.  Labor law in Alberta says I can only ask you to lift 40 pounds at a time and pulling a fully loaded pallet across ridged floor on the reefer when you spin requires more than 40 pounds of force.  This means you check your DNA that says I must do it alone at the door.  

2. Make sure the truck has water and ice.  Sanitize the water cooler every time you plan on opening the lid.  Soak for ten minutes in sanitizer for ten minutes, rinse with hot water.

3. Verifying the driver has the invoice book, both have wallets and delivery list from driver which you are responsible for.

3.  Fill in the blanks of the delivery list which is kept on a clipboard in the truck.  You will have to hand these in at the end of each day.   

4.  Pass ice to the driver from the back of the truck and then closing the back of the reefer to keep the cold in.

5.  Open sleeve of ice for the driver using a safe knife.  Swamper should be there holding the sleeve waiting for the driver to load the freezer.  

6.  When the driver says how many bags, you go fill in the blanks in the invoice book, while the driver cleans area up.  You meet driver in parking lot, hand book to driver, and you put cart on back, tidy up any garbage.  You must and I mean verify the back door of the truck is closed.  

7.  The swamper is responsible for keeping the back and front of truck tidy.  That means no garbage, no drinks, ice or debris anywhere on the truck.  

8.  At the end of the day the swamper helps the driver unload any ice left over, sweep the truck, clean the front, is a witness to the end of day drop.  Two people on a pallet jack for full pallets.  

9.  Assist others in end of day cleaning or bagger cleaning.  You leave when everybody but I leave.  Your job is done when their job is done so pitch in.   

10.  Help with navigation and be supportive emotionally with the driver.  A cab forward with a sail called a tall box feels the wind often pushing you to one side or another a foot at a time.  It bounces on bumps and you can easily shift a load on a turn or accelerator. I have driven rutabaga for five years and it still stresses me out.  I don't care if you like each other, I care that you make it home safe, with ice delivered and truck in one piece.  I put your safety first.  This means you don't start arguments or conversations that stress out the nut job behind the wheel:). Oh yes it is certainly possible an ice delivery driver could have a bad day where you make it worse and end up trying to go under the high level bridge giving the ice deliver truck a sunroof.  It is also possible that a bad day can be averted by a swamper smart enough to realize their life depends on the person behind the wheel being focused on driving.

Good luck, the rest, well you will learn as you go.

Master Iceman