Thursday, March 24, 2016

ISIS kills us, we kill them, they kill us, we kill them, a story that never ends.

I am tired of ISIS dominating the headlines.  
I am tired of the lets carpet bomb, blood hungry people. 
 I am tired of having to deal with the Frankenstein the west creates with it's imperialistic ventures.  
In Africa they have been slaughtering each other for years without bringing that battle to us so what is different in the middle east?  
Cheap oil because god forbid we use our own oil eh Quebec? 
Exporters of oil still import cheaper middle eastern oil.
Nobody wants to look deeply, try to understand why we keep creating people whose hate for us in the west is so deep.  
Nobody wants to acknowledge our role in the creation of these terrorists groups.  
Nobody wants to deal with the reality that every time we go to war against terrorism we are creating more terrorists in the process.  
I cringe at the stupid that will judge all Muslims by the actions of the few.
The same people who would say don't judge us by the extremes in Christianity.
All religions it seems say their god is good just before going off to kill those who believe differently. 
People are judged by the religious texts they read even though what matters is how you interpret those texts.
Minority extreme perspectives become the paint brush for the silent majority.  
We define whole groups of people based on the worst of those groups seen on TV.
I am cynical in that I believe war continues to happen because it is good business...
for some on both sides.
Has any company that makes WMD ever stood up and said war is bad,
when war is actually very good for business.  
Military is a HUGE socialist element nobody thinks is a socialist element like universal healthcare.
I am tired of bobble head dolls in suits promising change when we keep repeating the same 
actions that came before.  
I am tired of religions claiming they are about forgiveness when 
countries define society as very much an eye for your whole family.  
We kill them, they kill us, it never ends, around and around we go.
None of us speak to zombies yet we act like we know what we cannot know.
We hope so much our beliefs are true that we will kill those who do not agree with us.
Extremist is for the weak minded who look for simple answers in a complicated world.  
Extremism is for the stupid who can't think for themselves.
I give up caring anymore.. kill each other.. get on with it.
Put it on TV so the mob can get the rush of blood, hate and vengeance.  
Broadcast the death totals from the war...
our death totals.
The deaths of those who call the middle east home does not matter because they are all bad people, right?.
Bad people deserve to die even though bad is a perspective of whoever has the biggest weapons. 
Cover each other with blood.
Create heroes of men and women who kill men and women,
even though war is when talking bobble heads have failed miserably to do their jobs.  
Any idiot can go to war, takes a leader to find a way to peace.
ISIS will go away eventfully and then reborn as a new monster.
This monster will justify spending billions on taking lives instead of saving them.  
I am tired... so very tired of stupid ruining a truly amazing world.  
All your religious folk who just want to kill each other get an island,
leave the rest of the world to enjoy life while you fight over who is right in their guess 
about what happens next.  

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