Friday, March 25, 2016

I don't like war because I am cheap

In Factories, big companies make missiles, bombs and all sorts of WMD.  They take those weapons of mass destruction and fly them over to where ever the latest war is.  Attach them to planes or drones, both extremely expensive to build.  After which the WMD is used to blow up perfectly good buildings which we  likely get 10 cents on the dollar on rebuilding the perfectly good buildings we blew up, only to blow them up again in the next war.  I say 10 cents on the dollar because it seems like most of the money you send to these places to rebuild goes missing.  Actually it is kind of like living in Alberta under the PC rule where we kept making all this money and ended up with nothing to show from it.  

We make WMD.
We blow up WMD
We blow up perfectly good buildings.
We rebuild buildings.
We make WMD
We blow up WMD
We blow up perfectly good buildings...

A never ending story... 

I am cheap, I don't like war. 


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