Monday, February 22, 2016

What if equalization payments were paid in Alberta crude oil?

Quebec will always be like the contrary wife who makes you want to scream but makes good soup so all is forgiven at the end of the day.  Not really sure why anyone cares what a mayor says as in terms of power a mayor has none in Canada's political system.  There is too many questions when it comes to pipelines.  Too many agendas.  Too many things I don't understand.

can you say pipelines are safer than trains?

are trains not good enough?

is there more greenhouse gases using a pipeline or a train?

does it have nothing to do with pipelines and is really about the way oil is mined and then the energy is extracted to power everything?

why can't pipelines be made safe?  this is the one I understand the least because it seems like a resounding yes.  If I was an oil company I would make video after video showing how they would respond to any spill or break in the pipe.  How they would know instantly and be able to have a response team on site within 8 hours.  Have remote options to reducing oil leaks like a fire alarm that sets off the sprinkler system.  Show how DCS and SCADA systems work or whatever way they have to monitor such things.  Hire the best engineers, technicians, environmentalists to make sure things are done in a way that respects nature.

It isn't Alberta's oil.  I don't see it like those who call in to 630 ched because I am a Canadian first.  Being a Canadian guarantees all of us a base quality of life.   It is Canada's oil as in some way it benefits all of us, even the Mayor of Montreal when we make money from mining and selling our oil resources on the world market.

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