Sunday, February 7, 2016

Oilers need to play goon hockey when it comes to McDavid.

Ottawa Senators, a few minutes left, game well in hand and the dman gives McDavid an extra shot after the dman tripped McDavid.  I waited for gloves to fly and players to go nuts which is the only acceptable reaction to someone take even the tiniest of liberties with your best player.   Goons existed to create space for the best players on the ice.  Kassian is a goon at heart who can skate and play a little hockey.  I would like to think Kassian or Nurse would of lost their collective marbles.  Game is 6-2 and you don't drop the gloves.  Are you kidding me?  You all know nothing about intimidation.  Getting suspending, taking an instigator penalty, putting an ice pack on your fits because it hurts your knuckles breaking the fools nose.  There is an element of crazy that is needed, an unpredictability, a fear that needs to creep through the league that if you breath on mcdavid with foul breath someone on the Oilers is going to lose their minds on your best players.  No forgiveness, no star spared, from dman to goalies to forwards touch McJesus and you will spend the night with ice on your face.

I get how Yakupov much feel not getting a chance to play with McDavid.  The thing I don't get is how often he does not engage the other team physically an element of his game which helped his forcheck.  He looks afraid to get hurt.  Draisailt could crush people with his speed in weight.  When he gets man strength he will put people in hospitals.  

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