Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Evil Empire wants to stop the the far more evil NDP on the streets of Calgary

Should of known there would be people in Alberta who would lose their minds seeing orange rule Alberta.  Never imagined those people would turn to the dark side to undo the government Albertans have elected.  

Does higher taxes to fund better social programs make the NDP evil?

Does passing bill 6 to make farmers pay WCB fees and follow Alberta Health and Safety rules like every other business in this province make the the NDP evil?

Does the low price of oil and the fact the NDP has not started a war in the middle east to get the prices up make the NDP evil?

Maybe I am the stupid one in that my definition of evil is vastly different than other Albertans.  I don't see good or evil when I look at the NDP government, just as I didn't see things in terms of good or evil when it came to the previous progressive conservative party.  My interpretation of the different types of parties in Alberta is each wants basically the same thing which is for Alberta to be awesome but has a different way of going about it.  Not good or evil, just different ways of solving the same problems. 

I think when you start assigning evil to political parties you are taking things way too seriously.  I question the sanity of anyone who dresses up in star wars costumes and expects anyone to take them seriously.  It isn't like I am ignorant of how it feels to have a government that does not represent your views.  My whole life I watched my parents elect the same conservative party over and over again, becoming so disenchanted with politics I stopped caring.  When this election started I laughed at someone on twitter who said the NDP are going to win.  I tweeted back saying they were crazy to say such a thing as in my life the only party ever elected was the conservatives, the party of my parents.  I had given up that Alberta would ever try anything differently and I would spend the rest of my life under my parents political thumb.  I was happily proven wrong.  So when I say I understand what it means to have a party that does not represent your viewpoint in power I really do understand.  For 37 years I have walked the earth in the geographic region of Edmonton living under conservative rule and sucked it up because I am not a princess.  Not once have I dressed up in a contume and seek to over through the elected officials even if I didn't always like them.  

That is right all you dark side folk, 37 YEARS and you all are freaking out after almost a year of NDP rule.  What I learned during a life time under conservative government is that the price of oil has a far greater effect on our province than anything those elected officials do.  

The world will not end with an NDP, Liberal, PC or Wildrose gov't.  Most of us will get up and do the exact same thing regardless of who is in power.  We the people are the ones who make Alberta great or Alberta such, not who we elect.  

Before you dress up as the Emperor get a bag of ice, a six pack of craft beer made from one of our local breweries and RELAX.    

My name is Graham and I dress up like an Iceman everyday because I am an Iceman everyday.  

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