Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Stop crying about getting a ticket for texting in a tim hortons drive thru

It is hard to not text and drive.  Our smartphones have become like a drug dealer and texts, emails, tweets and facebook updates have become our crack.  When you hear that beep, buzz or ring we have to fight like hell to not be compelled by our need to know what is going on where ever with who ever.  There is no logic or reason for this need to see who loves us instantly, it is something we have become addicted to, a text our drug of choice.  I say we because we all struggle with not touching our phones while driving.  Parents, police, kids, women, children, gay or straight or trandgender, black, white, first nations, and aliens share the smartphone addiction which was born with the iphone.

This wouldn't be a big issue if people and aliens could multitask while driving.  The thing is MADD could stand for mothers against distracted driving because move over drunken and booze hounds it is the texter, the take a selfie while driving that is quickly becoming the number one killer on the road.

Let that sink in for a moment.

It is becoming safer to drive around drunk people than it is around texters.

Thus when a cop gives you a ticket because you are dumb enough to text while driving in a Tim Horton's drive thru where cops live.  Can you go to a Tim's and not find a cop when the drive thru is flowing?  We are talking about a coffee and DONUT shop.  You should get a ticket for not using your head, a life, a fender, that yellow thing they have to put in front of drive thru windows is worth more than the time it takes to stop, breath and respond safely without putting other people at risk.

At Tim's you are just annoying everyone around you because you are slow to move up.  We live in a now world.  Everything is so important, there is never enough time, we, need those 30 seconds to make it in the office before your employees get there to appear like you got your stuff together.  On the highway, while driving any vehicle I am incredibly unsafe texting while driving.  There is not a more unsafe ice delivery driver than one who has a phone in right hand and the wheel in his left, eyes somewhere in the middle.

That ticket is to wake you up to the fact that if you are sharing the road with the icemen of Columbia Ice who logic tells you have the same addiction as you.  You are no different than most people who struggle with the exact same issue.  If you put yourself in a situation where the statistic probability a cop will see you texting while driving along with a lot of other people, making the cop look like a dumbass if he or she does not give you a ticket. Man up, you got caught, pay the ticket.  Don't cost the tax payers any money because you feel the rules of the road don't apply to you. Heavy handed isn't a ticket, it is when the heavy hands of the law putting handcuffs on you because you just killed a kid trying to cross the road.

The media that gives a forum to someone who knowing broke the law and got caught needs to give their head a shake.  There is reason why distracted driving is illegal.  It is a good reason and instead of trying to generate unique's by presenting a very slanted perspective of this poor guy who is being mistreated by the police get a clue, see the macro view.  People are unsafe texting and driving.  I know it, you know it, and when you get caught hug your kids when you get home or your wife if all you end up with is a ticket when you drive while texting.

Graham Iceman

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