Friday, December 11, 2015

I am dreaming, the Oilers are winning

I don't need a christmas present because I got mine when the Oilers recalled Leon Draisaitl.  Watching him play with Taylor Hall I can't help but wonder if Hall has asked Leon where you have been all my life.  Together the two are starting to form a dangerous duo that would rival Batman and Robin.  I don't like comparing players to other players who came before in Edmonton because I loved those players who came before.  No player or team will ever rival the Oilers of the 80's to a child who grew up with them.  That isn't to say this team, these players can't be good, it is more with how you see the world when you are young.  The falling asleep dreaming of being Gretzky when in theory you were old enough to still have a chance at being 99.  When you get older reality sets in and the fact you can't skate, shoot or pass would severely limit ones ability to be the next great one.  Still even though these players are not Messier and Gretzky this years Oiler's are starting to make me enjoy hockey again after years upon years of anger, frustration and turning off the TV as the games had become painful to watch.  I am scared to believe and hope this is not a mirage.  Go Oilers GO!!!

Wife pinch me... 

Graham Iceman

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