Friday, November 27, 2015

Help the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa find their tiny balls.

I didn't even know what cultural appropriation was until I read a story of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa cancelling a yoga class.  After googling it, I learned cultural appropriation means one culture taking something from another and adopting it as their own.  Thus in reference to this story it would seem to mean the west has adopted yoga from India which made some folks at the University of Ottawa mad enough to complain to the Student Federation.  Anyone who has not lost their balls...

...would look at the complaining party and say while we take your complaint seriously yoga is a healthy, positive activity that can help our students deal with stress, physical and emotional pain.  As Spock once said the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  We will continue to offer a free class.

Someone like me would of been a little more mouthy and been like it offends me that people in India, the home of yoga, have culturally appropriated western fast food.  If there ever was something that defined the west as much as yoga defines India it is fast food and obesity.  If people want to cry about us learning the yoga then I am going to cry about non-western nations getting the golden arches.  I am sorry but if our women :) and some men :( can't dress in yoga pants and bend in all sorts of very odd positions then you all cannot enjoy our fatty, sugar filled processed food cooked in fatty oil.  Just as people in India have culturally appropriated our love of fast food and made it their own such as no beef on the menu in India, we in the west have taken yoga and added lulus.  Instead of crying about it lets go have a chicken burger and then get into some tight pants and try to touch our toes.

Sadly because those at the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa have lost their balls and have taken political correctness to the extreme they need our help.  I am sure someone in the science department has a powerful microscope to help them find their itty bitty, tiny, winy balls.  Leaders don't always acquiesce when it comes to cultural issues, they lead.  What makes Canada amazing is having so many different cultures coming together, giving us such wondrous variety when it comes to food, recreation, arts, dance, beliefs and perspectives.  Almost everything we are has been culturally appropriated.  Christmas is a pagan holiday.

At some point people need to say enough is enough.  If you don't like seeing people do yoga then don't watch, go home, do something else, there is this thing called the TV.  I don't want to see people do yoga either because they make me feel inflexible and out of shape because I am inflexible and out of shape.

If you are doing yoga and need ice because you all like to do yoga when it is hot, trust you can call Columbia Ice and not have us complain you are culturally appropriating anything.  In fact if you tell everyone in yoga pants to leave then the iceman will do yoga with you.  Yoga pants can lead to icemen overheating which can be very dangerous.

Graham Iceman if you need ice.
If you must use the phone then call Sandra at 780-960-7161

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