Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Would Jack Layton have beaten Justin Trudeau?

NDP losing seats to me was because people voted for Jack Layton.  The illusion in our vote for party system is we don't vote for the leader even though a lot of people do exactly that.  Who cares who your MP they always vote along party lines anyways.  Leader sets the tone for the party which follows and asks how   Jack had paid his dues, had a tangible love for Canada and was someone people had a great affection for.  Yes Canadians tend to stick to red or blue like our American friends but occasionally we like orange.  Jack Layton was someone that would of definitely shaken Ottawa up.  It would of been really interesting to see the NDP led by Jack against Trudeau and the liberals because this election was about wanting a different face and voice more than a condemnation of Stephen Harper.

David Staples articulated it best 
I don't believe Harper was bad for Canada.  We got through a recession rather unscathed.  We just needed a change, a different voice, one with a bit more hope.  If it was Jack, Justin and Harper who would you pick?   What you get would be a minority government.  

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