Saturday, October 10, 2015

Niqab issue splits Quebec and helps sell war against ISIS.

Elections are won and lost on emotional issues.  Find the one thing that you can paint push someone into a corner about that will over ride logic and sanity.  What gay marriage and abortion use to be. From what I heard on the radio the woman in the niqb verified who she was in private by showing her face and then in the group ceremony said the yadda yadda yadda with everyone else while she kept the niquab on.  The women in the Niqab respected our security concerns with the mountain of paperwork, showing her face when needed in private and simply wanted the group aspect, the part where she got to join this great country which respects a person's right to be different within reason, to respect who she chose to be.  Same world different eyes problem.
image of woman in a niqab
In north america we are still tramatized by Al Qaeda, which lead to Afghanistan, to Iraq and rebranded with ISIS or ISIL.  People spend too much time watching the worst of us online over and over again not understanding that the majority of us are good people.  The media we consume, which we use to define the world, is the worst aspects of mankind.  Each nation of very like minded people fed a different story of the other building distrust.  In Quebec this distrust is an emotional issue for them as they are distrustful of women in masks.  It is a brilliant move by Stephan Harper who needs to break the NDP strong hold in Quebec on a provincial level

Equally important it helps keep people saying yes spend our tax money on fighting ISIS an ideology that is the obvious consequence of western imperialism.  If we really look at history without the biases you will find depending on where books are written, you will see many of our leaders and politicians were not the brightest of folk.  It could be argued we elect these perfect people, who never once have said anything interesting in social media, never messed up, never actually lived an interesting life who can't relate to us so we are to blame for electing or allowing dumbasses to define who we are as a nation.  The most amazing thing is we will continue to repeat the same mistakes of the past.

I sound like a nutjob whose frostbite on the brain has gone deep when I say there are CEO's who run huge ass companies that make lots and lots of money selling WMD.  They need war and we are addicted to it.  There is nothing like watching a good bombing on TV.  Look at our troops blowing shit up.  Instant movies with military plots about running at bullets.

Think Russia wants a pro-west leader who will buy US WMD and not Russian?  Such a joke that they said Lybia was about human rights, not so much about Syria.  If only Syria had oil we might care more.  The fantastic thing about war is it is a fantastic way to give the economy a boast.  Nothing like a good influx of taxpayer money in the big, marching, socialist element we don't see as a socialist element like healthcare called our military.   Bob forbid we care more about saving our people instead of asking them to run at bullets.  Russia and the west sell weapons to the civil wars in both the Ukraine and middle east.  ISIS is good for business.

The niqab indirectly brings up many of the negative images we are fed in the west towards the people of the middle east.  We are told through the media we consume over and over again, without ever reading anything to the contrary to fear the women in the niqab.  It, along with any muslim religious dress is something that has been warped since 911.  They may have been branded as different wars, Afgan, Iraq and ISIS but they are the same result of Bin Laden who was the result of a previous war against Russia.  From the ashes of one war are born the the soldiers for the next and next.  The folly of an eye for an eye is it never ends and is easy.  Forgiveness is what we struggle with, war is something we are use to paying for, elections can be won and lost by issues that affect so few of us because we see the same world from different eyes with vastly different perspectives with strong geographic biases.

If it is a deciding factor in who to choose for ice in Edmonton, Alberta, then rest assured we will never ask to see your face, and we are not going to tell you how to live your life.  We at Columbia Ice have enough to do with making and delivering ice.

I like folk with or without masks.

Nobody, not one person we delivered ice to lectured me or tried to convert me.  It is amazing how people are just people who want the same thing.  Big world, vastly different experiences and yet so few understand that there could not be one way to find your way in this world and give peace to the questions of what happens next.  If you go out in public you will realize people, children, teenagers, dogs, cats disagree with eachother and often need the same information presented in different ways.  It is folly to expect or even want all people to act and think the same.  Just as a diverse DNA pool makes for a stronger people so does a diverse perspective pool.  We are stronger in Canada for having the women of the niqab.  Clearly our war based solution solving does not work.  We spend billions on accomplishing some task which is undone when we go home, then some man or woman in a suit will say we are going to spend billions more.  Maybe it is time we break down the walls of fear, mistrust and stereotypes and get to know eachother instead of trying to enforce our belief systems upon others.
Don't call me a bleeding heart liberal for not liking war.. call me a cheapskate.  you spend a fortune on making wmd, and they spend a fortune on infrastructure for their country.  We blow it up as fast as we can turn taxpayer money into WMD which is likely burning money and then use taxpayer dollars to rebuild the buildings we just blew up, go home and then have to spend billions more to stop people who spend too much time on their phones, the next generation mixed with the old puppet masters with an iphone.  At the same time America has become self sufficient with oil production.  None of us in the west need middle eastern oil anymore.  We still need to sell WMD to the areas, keeping some sort of war going on to boast the economy.  Good news is if peace is found in the middle east, we always have Russia and the Ukraine.

Anyone know what barbaric practises are legal to be made illegal?  I think the fact most health plans don't cover cialis and/or viagra is barbaric.  I think using the American ice company is barbaric when there is a local one.  Call me mentally ill, call me frostbitten, call me crazy but I am pretty much sure our judges put people in jail for being barbaric to other people.

Ernie is one of the owners, I am the Master Iceman.  Together we are Ernie Iceman and if you need ice in Edmonton, Spruce Grove, St Albert, Sherwood Park and area, give us a shout.


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