Sunday, April 12, 2015

Why do we even have a senate if its power is ceremonial in Canada? | #rWeStupid

If we were more logical than sentimental it would be easy to have a smaller, more focused government, instead the bloated idiocy it seems from the media we are exposed to in the satire sites that shape our minds.  There is no objective media, there is only unique clicks.  Our world is painted in the gore, violence, sex and scandal because that gets the most clicks.  We paint and see our world like this .001%, the worst of us never delving more deeply beyond the headlines to the deep truths and understanding.

I look our government and wonder why we are so willing to spend taxpayer money on largely ceremonial positions like a senate which we don't need nor want, but apparently can't get rid of.  I don't understand this because laws are written on paper, then digitized.  It would be as simple as asking someone to write up a new law saying we refuse to spend another dime on fat guys and gals in suits eating large and living like a godfather.   The days when the senate actually used it's power are gone like the glory days of the Edmonton Oilers unless they keep Todd Nelson and go young in goal, on defence with Nurse and that german Gretzky whose name I cannot spell.  Canada is more than laws written on paper, it is an evolving nation where money can be better spent on Canadians, not rich friends of the party who like to wear suits and live fat off the money I pay the tax man.

It seems asinine, ridiculous, that here we are a bunch of men standing around our constitution and laws saying we don't want a senate but it is not possible to get rid of.  Burn it to the ground if it no longer works and write a new one.  Why are we bound by the imaginations of the past where monarchs ruled the world believing they were second to god?  The greatest con is the fact we all still pay homage to british imperialism.  How many positions in government are largely ceremonial to the queen?  Why are we so obsessed with a symbol of something we died to revolt against because they were horrible tyrants?  I get having one person elected representative to be our international Canadian diplomat to the world.  Sort of a ceremonial face to play the game abroad to get the investment dollars we want.   If the laws don't work for the people then the law should be changed.

This whole idea of g8 or g20 or gwhatever summits baffles me.  You can't use skype.  You spend a billion dollars on security because you can't buy an island, an aircraft carrier, a Tim Hortons, a bunker, a submarine, a destroyer, a private resort only a few people actually know about with lots of missiles and guns preventing something bad from happening like a military base with lots of guns?  Anything would have been cheaper than the photo shoot that is really what they summits are about, not that anyone ever really pays attention to the summit when g8 or g20 is also an excuse for the disenchanted to act out until they are saddled with criminal records preventing them from leaving a nation they do not recognize.

Do you ever need to yell at a bag of ice because when you read about the world, its politics and the bullshit things men and women in suits say and do that are contrary to the best interests of a nation I love enough to get mad at.  We shouldn't be bound by the ways of the past if they hinder our future.  Canada and Canadians should be able to write their own future and create the type of government that represents who we are, who we were.

Get rid of the bullshit.

Stop blaming each other for the failures of the past like we didn't read about it on twitter, facebook and every news channel or station or website or radio program a million times over.  Once upon a time I would like to believe someone got up and said this whole king and queen concept is idiotic, lets ask the people what they want.  Lets give every single Canadian a choice in their future.  Someone who had vision and wasn't lost in a silly game of men and women in suits who can't be civil enough to talk directly, having to go through a mr. spreaker.

Lets have a vote.  End the senate or continue to pay fat people to get fatter because taxpayer money is fattening.  Stop spending money on Bullshit positions to a monarch which are just people and never really did the have the ear of god.  We sadly were duped by cunning men and women of the past who had enough military power to control the masses.  Learn to use skype or even buy blackberry and build an app that NSA can't listen in on.  Take what you save and give it back to the people and businesses in Canada who you took it from.

Man should never be bound by paper and ink like ice should never be bound by ink and plastic.  Break the mold, pop the bag.  Politics make me wants to scream... how about you?  What about it makes you want to scream?  bob my friend the one I scream at is just a big bag of ice.  You can order 15 bobs which is 15 25lb bags of ice if you are having a party or just needing to yell about the illogical nature of men and women in suits.


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