Tuesday, April 21, 2015

BS meter prevents the big Iceman in the office from getting scammed.

When you run a small business you have to wear many hats.  I am not just an ice delivery man.
not these hats, but hats
I make ice, deliver ice, sell ice, blog, vlog, tweet and upon occasion I get in fights with the company we hired to build our website which is going to lead to me building us a website.  My boss on the other hand other than being the guy we call to fix the bagger when it breaks down handles phone calls, emails, organizing drivers, making ice, delivering ice and my least favourite thing in the world.. PAPER WORK.  I have a fear I will die from a paper cut just as sleeping beauty will sleep from a spindle prick.  Death is just the sleep that never ends.  

Ernie gets to deal with people calling about all sort of things.  The other day he gets a call from some guy saying he works with the collections department of first line publishing and we owe them money.
image of what a scammer could look like.
Dan the Scammer
Ernie asks a few questions, says email us the information guessing they were a scam.  

The scammer sent an email saying we owed them approx $800 for SEO work his business did.  He had a fancy invoice so at first glance it looked legit.  At this point I told Ernie that I would handle it. A legitimate business will usually pay attention to details.  So after doing a few searches, researching the company I found there was no mention of  First line publishing on the internet.  Not a website, a mention or a tweet about First line publishing in Quebec.  I then drafted an email which I sent to Dan.


Yesterday you contacted Ernie Graveline saying we owed you money for a two year contract of what seems like SEO work.  We have no record of this and you certainly did not do any work for us in terms of SEO.  We also did not find a website or any online information regarding your existence.  Because of the lack of information and the fact the only SEO work done for us has been in house we will not be issuing a cheque.  If you feel we have the wrong information please provide us with a detailed document highlighting the work you have done for us.  We would also like a web and social media addresses for your business so we can better understand who first line publishing is because you do not show up on google when I search "first line publishing."  Someone with SEO knowledge would know how to set their website to show up.  www is not the appropriate beginning of an email address.  Your address should be firstlinedanlewis@outlook.com not www.firstlinedanlewis@outlook.com another thing someone with knowledge of the web should know.  

Please do not contact us again either by phone or email unless you can provide much more detailed information.  


Graham Michaels

If you look at the way Dan signed his email below, "Fist" Not "First" you can further see he is nothing more than a scammer trying to take advantage of the fact someone might be over busy.  

Dan Lewis Collections Manager , Fist Line Publishing Inc.

I wonder if back in the day, when you had to scam in person, in the wild, wild west, did a cowboy give the evil eye, pull out his six shooter, fire and then say... how do you like those bags of ice pilgrim?

Can't answer from the beyond?

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