Friday, March 6, 2015

Why the #oilers looked slow against the #kings?

In basketball when a guard cuts through the lane, you give them a forearm to the chest to slow them down for the defender to keep up.   The LA Kings do this without crossing the line into obstruction better than any team I have seen.  When you dump the puck in against the Kings they put big bodies in the way for your forcheckers to have to go around.  Most teams when you dump and chase might slow you down once, but the Kings seemed to have multiple guys in the way before the forecheckers have a chance to get near the retrieving defenseman.  Kings dman had more time where the puck was past the forecheck and out the zone.  Easy to skate straight ahead fast for some guys like a Taylor Hall.  It is easy to be quick in small spacings like Yakupov is learning to do.  Having both which really is the only way you are going to make it around those 220 lb pylons they call Kings to actually forecheck.  Personally I have always been a mind if you can't go around something, you go through it.  In basketball that was tricky because you could get a charge.  Hockey on the other hand allows for that type of contact.  The defense in theory is not suppose to be able to obstruct with LA gets away with because they are just in the way.  Eberle, Yakupov, Roy, RNH all looked slow because when you are a big dude, you just have to bend over, you are hard to get around.  I think at some point you got to make things bloody.  Straight lines to the puck, make the refs blow the whistle.  If that doesn't work punish whoever gets in your way with crosscheck to the liver.  If you happen to get crosschecked on the liver and need ice.  Columbia Ice is who you call., ice, compression and elevation.. no idea if you are still suppose to do that but ice will always be wonderful.


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