Monday, March 9, 2015

Red Bull Crashed Ice uses crushed ice to freeze track to ground.

Collage of us putting big bags of ice into grain bag.
Crashed Ice wants BIG bags of crushed ice.
Imagine a 180 pound hockey player, fully decked out in protective equipment flying down a course made of extra hard ice being chased by three other skaters dreaming of caviar and Red Bull on ice. What if this 180 pound hockey player can't stop, loses an edge on a skate and practices newton's third law of motion with ice on the track.   What you get when this happens is crushed ice or crushed hockey player.  Based on what I know of ice and Newtonian physics you are going to get crushed players more than crushed ice.

A much easier way to get crushed ice in #yeg is to call Columbia Ice, Edmonton's ice company.   Although we, like the other ice companies in Edmonton, make tube ice, we go the extra mile to crush it.  Rocky punched frozen sides of beef, we punch big bags of tube ice to make crushed ice..(wink)

image of the Iceman punching bags of ice to make crushed ice.
making crushed ice out of tube ice

By using a local ice supplier, the amount an organizer like Red bull pays on medical bills is less by using our crushed ice than asking the contestants in the race to verify Newton's third law on motion.  This is likely why when Red Bull came to Edmonton, googled crushed ice, clicked on ice suppliers and called us at Columbia Ice.  I am sure it is just a lucky coincident they chose us, however it is really nice to see an international event use a locally owned ice company.    Too often big events which want local to support them by going to the events, do not support local businesses.  Good on Red bull for being a little different and embracing the local businesses to help make crashed ice a success.  It might not seem obvious the advantage of using a local supplier for them, however I argue as a locally owned and operated business we care more about Edmonton at Columbia Ice than some US owned ice company.  We want events like Redbull Crashed Ice to succeed because it makes our city better.   When I talk to our clients, friends and family I am more likely to say hey you got to checkout that Red Bull race on March 14th because they supported our Alberta owned business.  

If you are curious as to what they use the big grain bags of ice for, you are in luck as it isn't a secret like how they get the caramel in the caramel chocolate bar.

image of industrial fork carrying ice.
bag is filled with ice to use to freeze track to ground

At the base of the course at the end on ground level, they can't drill into the ground too deep thus they use the power of ice sprayed daily with water to help freeze the track to the ground so that it could handle the Iceman.

It is very tiring going all Rocky on large bags of party ice.  I think I have gone all George Foreman in Thrilla in Manila and punched myself out.  Time to sleep...

image of iceman sleeping on empty bags of ice.
after a long day of battling ice, the Iceman needs to sleep
By the way if you are looking for ice.  Look down, there is a number, call it.  Ernie is who will answer and likely I am who will deliver the ice.  I would tell you my name but you won't remember it.  To you I am and forever will be the Iceman.   We make big and small bags of ice which I deliver.  We don't look pretty, but we get the job done.

The Iceman
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