Sunday, March 8, 2015

JFK Jim Prentice is not, even if his words are true | #PrenticeBlamesAlbertans

I don't really get why people care so much what people in suits say.  If you listen long enough you will start to realize they all sound and act alike.  There will always be something to yell about.  Some group that thinks there is a better way.  It becomes noise after awhile where the voices and faces fade into bobblehead dolls you just want to punch.  

At first I put blame on those who voted for PC, but that was really fair because I am Albertan.  On some level I am responsible for the successes and failures of this province.  It feels like a cop out to blame the ruling party for low oil prices and not practising Keynesian economics.  Skim from the top for the times at the bottom.  

I didn't hear anyone yelling for a progressive tax system or higher taxes even though we are going to need those to keep our parents alive longer.  There was an article that said older folk use 75% more healthcare which makes perfect sense.  Odd they would need an actual study to verify logic.  Our bodies are like cars which as they age, they break down.  How much should be spent giving a person a few more years?  This notion that you can't put a price on a human life is laughable because we hate taxes.  We believe that the reason healthcare costs so much is because people abuse the system.  We paint the majority with such illogical half truths as if we want to spend hours in doctor's offices around sick people, cough, cough, cough, over and over again for no good reason... sure there are the few, but most only see the doctor when something is actually wrong.  There are way more parents to take care of than kids to pay for them.  

Who doesn't understand that healthcare costs are going to go up regardless of the price of oil? 

Did you go outside with wet hair and get frostbite on the brain?  

There are way more babyboomers alive and kicking than non babyboomers.  They will use way more healthcare because engines as they age need a little extra work.  That means higher taxes.  We should have a locked in system for the building and maintenance of hospitals and schools.  This is what happens when we all stand idly by and let people in suits cut education and healthcare because we like lower taxes.  The US fear propaganda over taxes is strong in Alberta.  

Why would you want to be a teacher or a nurse in Alberta?  The government always comes a knocking when the price of oil drops.  Even when it is high we only build signs, not actual schools.  As for hospitals.. well ducktape and surgery in sewage is fine for the men and women in suits who never end up in the ER when it is flooded or the ants come knocking two by two.  Schools can use libraries or gyms if the classes get to big.  Who cares about teacher to student ratio.

We got to maintain the Alberta Advantage.  Schools in containers and hospitals falling apart.  

I could blame the PC's,  I won't because I liked low taxes.  I was too busy on my phone trying to find an ice lady or read some random story in the news to research the consequences of continued underfunding of the key infrastructure such as hospitals and schools within our province.  I actually think that is the reason the Oilers scouting and development has sucked.  When you are taking cash calls to make salary you are not able to spend the money needed to keep up with the richer teams.  Those years where the team had no money is still affecting the team now where we don't have a not of intermediate aged home grown talent to guide these young studs.  

JFK said ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. 

Jim Prentice says look in the mirror.  

He might want us to forget Allison Redford... 

The PC party needs to look in the mirror as does every single Albertan.  We need to ask ourselves what is important.  Every one of us which works and pays taxes gives money to the government to pay for our healthcare, education, roads, police etc.  We need to tell the people we elected or didn't elect but are stuck having them as our geographic representative, what those things that matter to us.  It is pretty easy to do.  Most if not all political leaders have email, facebook, twitter and every other social network you can imagine.  

It was a stupid thing to say, at least in how he worded it.  Could of just said we are going to be fine.  Albertans have been through low oil prices.  We will have to adjust things accordingly.  It is something all Albertans are going to have to shoulder in some way.  You don't have the right to scold when your house has been in such disorder is the message behind  #PrenticeBlamesAlbertans 

They call me the iceman.  These are some of the things I talk to the ice delivery truck about.  I would talk to the ice but it is in the reefer staying ice.  If you need ice give us a call.  I am sure the number or email is around somewhere.  


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