Monday, March 9, 2015

Don't expect the #oilers to win many day games.

Every athlete I have met has had a pregame routine.  Everything from what to eat to when to go to the bathroom is usually planed.   It is a process you develop from day one playing the sport which you design for yourself, in order to get you physically and mentally prepared to play the game.  When I played basketball for example I would always eat a high carb meal 3-4 hours before the game.  This would give my body time to digest and then rid itself of any waste in time for my pregame bathroom break.  I always listened to the same type of music.  Always stretched and warmed up the same way.  

It is this pregame routine your body and mind gets use to which makes getting up for what would be an out of the norm day games, as was the case with the #oilers, when they played Ottawa and Carolina in the afternoon, instead of at night.  All that pregame routine which players have been developing and using since they have been playing the sport are thrown out of the window.  Nobody eats the same food at breakfast as they would later in the day so the type of food changes.  Even breakfast likely wouldn't feel too comfortable on the stomach because the body isn't use to that type of food before a game.  With less time before the game it might not be possible to go through your entire pregame routine.  If you are still a little tired your mind won't be sharp when you try to visualize the game beforehand.   Your body not use to being game ready that early in the day will be slow to warm up.  Thus when it comes to teams that are young, without a lot of experience it can be very difficult to succeed at games outside the normal playing times.  When your body and mind are not in perfect rhythm the game becomes more about guts, will to win and just playing smart within yourself.  Doing well in those odd timed games is very much a mental exercise.  Something our Oilers will learn in time.  


I talk to ice about all sorts of topics.  What do you talk to when nobody living is around?

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