Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blame Dallas Eakins for Oilers not signing Petry, not Craig MacTavish.

I use to listen to sports radio until this trade deadline really did me in.  All the various radio hosts wanted to do was rage on Craig MacTavish because hindsight is 20/20 and every single Oiler looked disinterested and brutal under Eakins.  Same people yelling now would of yelled the had MacT singed Petry to a large, long term contract at about 4.5 million a year.  Nobody wants to go back to the end year one of Dallas Eakins, look at Petry's game then and understand why MacT hesitated to sign Petry to a long term deal.  Instead people just want to scream and yell at MacT for not having perfect foresight. We have had a lot of bad teams in Edmonton lately, but at least they played hard and made it somewhat interesting.  Oilers under Eakins were painful to watch.  You left angry even when they won because there was so little life in the players. You want to yell at Craig MacTavish, yell at him for hiring Dallas Eakins who did more to harm the direction of this organization than any other couch on our history.  NOBODY really developed under Eakins.  That offensive creativity we drafted was being turned into grinders.  That is the reason MacT didn't make bold moves.  That is reason MacT guessed wrong on Petry.  The stallion looked like a dog under Eakins. Frankly until Todd Nelson gets a full season, including training camp under his belt, we really won't know what we have in all our young talent which DEVELOPS at a different paces.  Anyone from the fan, or local media says otherwise they are idiots.


PS:  MacTavish wears rose colored glasses in interviews and rarely expresses the situation accurately.  I think this is done on purpose to calm the masses who would freak out if Craig MacTavish admitted screwing up.

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