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Making ice at midnight in the summer. | Columbia Ice

Image of guy putting large bags of ice on pallet.
Putting big bags of ice on pallet.
There is no official job opening to make ice at midnight.  Ernie who is the owner hasn't even officially said he needs someone next summer even though we most likely will need someone to make ice.  Our day time icemen might fogo sleep and make ice at night.  In the past Ernie, being an old farm boy would just come in and make ice himself but I am tired of him making me look bad:) Ernie is almost 30 years my senior and is made of something tougher than me.  Maybe that is just the reality of owning your own business.  If one of you wants to give me an ice factory where I get to keep all the profit, I can tell you if the thrill of seeing how much ice sales I can generate makes me come in at midnight to make ice.
Midnight, not high noon.

When you think about running any type of factory, any time you are not producing product, you are paying interest on the machines.  Making ice on a large scale is expensive on a good day.  The only place we can get industrial ice makers is the US.  No we do not use lots of ice cube trays.  To charge people money for ice we have to re-clean the very clean water. 

Edmonton does a good job getting rid of most stuff other than antibiotics and birth control pills which begs the question, aren't you suppose to swallow both types of pills?  No wonder there are shows about teen pregnancy if there is an epidemic of women flushing the pills down the toilet. By the way isn't there a problem with antibiotic resistant bacteria?  Take your pills people as your doctor prescribes which means take all of them.  I am tired of eating asexual, two headed fish.  

Forgive me I got distracted.  Everything we have gotten from the US has been broken. It don't matter if it was new or used, god love you America, if only you didn't wire our ice bin backwards or send us broken ice machines.  Lucky for us we have an Oscar and no you can't have him, Oscar is ours.   We love our Oscar and frankly without him there would be no Columbia Ice.  Don't matter, rain or shine, weekend, night or day when our machines break he comes and fixes them.  Sometimes he even shows up before the machine breaks like he is some sort of ice machine whisperer.   

In the summer when we are shipping our truckloads of ice and when I say truckloads I mean 24 pallets of beautiful party ice.  Big or small bags, it does not matter.  Cement companies doing overpasses like the Anthony Henday when their American ice supplier can't keep up, call us for ice. A lot of water and ice companies that are really just water companies using our ice because we are Edmonton's ice company order by the truckload.  Technically we are located in Acheson which is between Edmonton and Spruce Grove however my friend Harvey an invisible rabbit told me it is a matter of time before Acheson becomes part of Edmonton.

We even have one company that uses bags of ice to keep plastic soft which makes no sense.  Ice should make stuff hard.  When you cool something you take away its heat which is just the kinetic motion of the molecules.  Take away their movement and at least with water, its truest from, beautiful ice.  

Lets pause here and shed a tear at the beauty that is ice.  Imagine going to an outdoor concert and there is no ice to keep the beer cold.  They ain't going to charge less for warm beer.  When I worked the Backstreet Boys in #yeg years ago parents paid $4 for warm 500 ml bottles of pop.  Might of paid $5 although there have been too many pops of the other pop variety to remember such a thing in detail.  People will pay the cash, they will drink the warm beer and have warm beer face all night long.  The band throwing the concert will never want to come back to Alberta because of how crazy people from Alberta look.  This is why most Edmonton events call us sooner or later hoping to get some of our Edmonton made ice.   

In the summer, actually starting in the fall  depending on early demand, we need someone and a friend to come in between 10pm to 2pm to make ice.  You got to have your own car, be dependable and trustworthy.  Currently we have Andy the oldest man alive and his son, the son of the oldest man alive making ice during the day and as I mentioned before the rumor is they will make ice at night.  It is still winter so nothing is certain.    

If you were just looking for ice in Edmonton, Alberta and area. Ernie is the owner, the brains behind the cool and I am who most people call the Iceman.  Together we make up Ernie Iceman a secondary social brand to use when Columbia Ice is taken in social media by a company in British Columbia which has the .com where we are columbiaIce.ca

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