Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Peter Huber and PAG Automotive, keeping our ice delivery truck running...

image of ice delivery truck
our ice delivery truck
 When you don't have a spare truck sitting around and can't rent a reefer with a 14ft box on it, having our ice delivery truck work properly is a big deal.  If the truck don't work people don't get ice and if people don't ice they overheat.  The last thing you ever want to do as an Iceman is talk to someone who has overheated.  Overheated people can only mean one thing for the poor iceman who picks up the phone.  Going deaf from being yelled at.  Where is my ice, my brain is overheating and I am about to explode... As of yet, nobody has exploded, but it could happen. Everything is impossible until it isn't.

To prevent exploding heads we have Peter, the owner of PAG Automotive, in the same building two doors over.  PAG's main business is cars and trucks, not box trucks.  Peter makes an exception for us since we are such wonderful icemen.

Both times our ice delivery truck lost power, peter fixed it.  When oil was shooting out of the engine and the tire was smoking Peter fixed it.  When we needed an oil change, new tires and even our reefer unit fixed, Peter was there like Superman to an old lady in despair.  

I will warn you if you choose to use PAG Automotive, Peter is a Saskatchewan Rough Riders fan as he was born in the brown province.  I call Saskatchewan brown because that is all I remember of the province from my time in it.  If you can forgive him his football alliegence, the guy is a pretty good mechanic at a fair price.   He handles diesel and/or gas which is great for us because our ice delivery truck is diesel and our cars are gas.

If you are not looking for a good mechanic and just want ice...

Ernie is the owner and I am who people refer to as the Iceman.  Together we make up Columbia Ice, Edmonton's ice company.  For all your ice needs give us a shout.

The Iceman
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